White Shark Cage Diving, and surface viewing, small exclusive, educational and informative tours.

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Join us on a Shark Lady Adventure

Our shark cage diving trips are small and exclusive, aimed at being an educational adventure every time!

We are dedicated to the protection of Great White Sharks and creating awareness through education. We are also committed to being a responsible and eco-friendly operation which is why we go to where the sharks are and we do NO CHUMMING!

No diving experience is needed for cage diving with us and you have the option of whether you want to rather stay on the boat and observe the Apex Predator of the Ocean from above. Divers are also able to dive with scuba, Open Water One diving qualification is needed however and divers must produce valid dive card.

Helpful Info for the Trip

The cost of our dives is R1350 per person which includes:

  • diving equipment,
  • wetsuits,
  • breakfast or lunch before the dive
  • refreshments during the dive

Transport can be arranged for an additional cost of R350 per person from and return to Cape Town.

Remember to bring the following:

  • Diving Card for Scuba Divers
  • Warm jacket, hat, towel, bathing suit, change of clothes
  • Camera and sunblock – very important
  • An adventurous spirit!!!

Our Boat

Our boat is a 12-meter Butt Cat, specifically designed for Shark Cage Diving and viewing. We are licenced to carry 25 passengers but prefer smaller groups of 18 for a more personal experience. We believe smaller groups allow for a more informative trip and ample time in the cage. Our vessel is also wheelchair friendly and has deck showers and bathroom facilities.


  • We cannot guarantee weather, visibility, diving or shark sightings, however Sharklady has a 99% strike rate.
  • Scuba will depend on relevant water conditions on the day and at the sole discretion of our divemaster on duty - your safety is our major concern.
  • The cage takes 6 people at a time, but we prefer to dive 4 people at a time for your comfort
  • Seasick tablets which can be bought from a chemist can be taken 2 hours before the trip departs
  • We recommend no alcohol the night before the trip - results in severe sea sickness
  • Because we are dealing with wild animals, it is not possible to refund, but another trip at a lower tariff can be arranged for you. Remember it is in our interest to satisfy you the client by giving you what you paid for.
The Shark Lady

Meet the Shark Lady

We are proud to introduce you to your host and skipper, Kim Maclean, the Shark Lady. Kim has always been passionate about sharks and other marine animals and after matriculating from Cape Town High School in 1978, she applied to the Department of Sea Fisheries. Kim was accepted as a technical assistant in various sections including demersal, pelagic and southern oceans and also became the first woman to be allowed to join the research teams at sea. The highlight of her research missions was when she was chosen to go to Marion Island on the maiden voyage of the Sea Fisheries’ boat, The Afrikaner.

After 6 years of working with Sea Fisheries and Dr Leonard Compagno at the South African Museum, Kim worked with the Great White Project tagging great whites. Working so closely with these beautiful creatures, gave Kim a new insight and understanding of these apex hunters that she just had to share with the world.

After being involved with various marine research projects, Kim Maclean set her sights on becoming the best qualified cage diving pioneer in South Africa. Among her many talents and love for all marine life Kim is qualified as:

  • A skipper
  • Rescue diver
  • Level 3 First Aid
  • Radio Operator
  • Scientific Class IV Diver
  • Western Cape Tourist Guide
  • Specialist Underwater Guide
  • Qualified in Marine Science, along with having
  • Safety at Sea and Life Raft Proficiency
  • Fire Fighting Certificate

A Dream Come True for Kim

In 1992, Kim’s lifelong dream became a reality when she pioneered white shark cage diving and surface viewing in South Africa, founding her successful and very popular shark diving company, Shark Lady Adventures.

For Kim, shark cage diving is not just about the adrenalin of seeing a shark upclose…she has made it her life’s mission to create awareness and educate people about all sharks, not just the Great White.

Kim Maclean has dedicated her life to caring for and protecting sharks and other creatures in the ocean and Shark Lady Adventures gives people the chance to see these gorgeous animals up close  and hopefully through the passion of Kim and her team, many great white sharks will be saved!

Kim says,

“Even if through our commitment, we only introduce some element of objective perspective to the people whom we come into contact with, then we have at least made some contribution to maintaining the natural balance in at least one ecosystem in our communal home, earth.”



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