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Blog: Good Night Treats

Published: 13 August 2013

Here at Whalesong we serve magic little balls as turndown treats at night, a little pleasure to assist in floating you to sweet dreams…

With Lainy's right hand, Busiswa, going on maternity leave in a couple of weeks, the time for truffle making training had arrived for the other girls. Whom will it be to take over the reigns?

Zanele, newly married and very keen not only to please her boss but to show her Sotho mother-in-law what she's made of...Veliswa, the latest addition to the Whalesong team, still fresh to the job and learning new things every day...or Bongisa, always making a big effort to work with precision and care?

For those of you that have never had the adventure of making truffles by hand before, it is a fine-tuned process that takes 2 to 3 days.

Step one entails the blending of the different Belgium chocolate bases, ranging from creamy and white to dark and bitter, 70% cacao content. Melting & flavouring happens during this first step. Flavouring is always subject to whatever  Lainy's taste buds fancy in the moment...rose water & pink peppercorn, orange blossom & crystallized ginger, hand harvested West coast sea salt & Grappa from nearby Stanford Hills...were the distinctively deliscious combinations chosen for this round.

With the newly blended chocolate to set overnight, the following day is for piping. This is done to ensure even sizing. This stage also demands a setting period, with the time it takes to set dependable on the weather; summer it takes longer, winter it takes shorter.
When it is set and ready, 4cm logs are cut, folded over and rolled into balls. Again, a bit of resting time is allowed before they are covered in the finishing layer of chocolate.

Most people think truffles are simply dipped in chocolate to cover but oh no...tempered chocolate is spooned onto the centre of the palm, one ball at a time, and with a swift and skilled roll between the palms, the truffle is delicately decorated in a spread of chocolate.
They are then placed on a silicon sheet to harden.

Now that you know what patience and love goes into handmade truffles, perhaps you can appreciate the effort while you are savouring them slowly, feeling the sensation as the truffle melts in your mouth…

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