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Shark diving with White Shark Projects can provide you with a unique opportunity to witness the wonder of the Great White Shark in a safe and professional environment.

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Welcome to White Shark Projects

Shark diving with White Shark Projects can provide you with a unique opportunity to witness the wonder of the Great White Shark in a safe and professional environment.

White Shark Projects is a renowned global research organisation which, founded in 1989, is totally dedicated to the conservation of these magnificent ocean predators.

We’ll take you on an adrenalin-surging adventure experience in the heart of the world’s Great White Shark mecca that will leave you in awe of these gliding torpedoes of power. You will also come away knowing more a lot more about sharks and what we do aid their conservation.

About Us

Our Team

Our boat and crew

Shark Team is an 11-metre, 4-ton catamaran with all the latest electronic and safety equipment. The boat was custom-built for shark diving, so there is plenty of space for everyone to view the sharks in comfort. While she can take 30 passengers, we have limited our licence to a maximum of 20 passengers plus crew to ensure client comfort. The company complies with strict regulations laid down by Marine Coastal Management and local governing authorities. We carry comprehensive public insurance and passenger liability. All safety equipment, first aid and life raft are on board as well as toilet facilities.

White Shark Projects has set a bench mark for responsible tourism in the industry. This involves sharing the country's natural and cultural riches, whilst contributing positively to the preservation and growth of the local communitiy and environment. White Shark Projects support sustainable job creation and upliftment projects and foster ecological awareness among surrounding communities.
The expectations of clients are met by excellent customer service, good value, and operational efficiency. Our crew and staff are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with hands-on experience – ensuring our clients effective and professional service.
In order to meet the individual needs of clients, our White Shark Projects staffs of 21 members maintains a range of qualifications. Our knowledgeable and efficient boat crew operates with the benefit of 15 years’ experience in great white shark research, conservation and ecotourism. Staff members have also completed various courses in site guiding, first aid, PDP driving skills, diving, and customer service.

Your Day


Designed to accommodate both divers and non-divers, you can be assured of safety and a once in a lifetime experience.

Meet us at our Dive Lodge in Kleinbaai, where the day will begin with a tasty continental breakfast and a safety briefing on current sightings, indemnities, wet suits and equipment.

Our crew will then welcome you on board our custom built 36ft, 4 tonne catamaran, “Shark Team”. Although she has a passenger capacity of 36, we limit passenger numbers to 20, offering a more intimate experience and providing greater comfort and increased viewing capability. You will be accompanied by our intrepid skippers, a Dive Master and support crew.

Once we’ve reached our diving location and dropped anchor, our crew will create a scent trail, while you patiently await your electrifying first glimpse of the iconic fin breaking the water’s surface.

No dive is ever the same, so we can never predict what will happen once we are on site nor how many sharks we will see. Great Whites are incredibly nomadic and if you consider that there are less than 5000 of them left on our planet, even if you only see 1 shark on your dive, you can count yourself very fortunate.

Back on deck you will be able to observe shark activity which occurs close to the water surface. Lunch boxes containing a variety of sandwiches and snacks will be on hand for you to enjoy at leisure, with soft drinks and juices offering added refreshment while you bask under South Africa’s legendary sunny skies.

After about 3 hours out at sea, you will be ready to return to shore where comforting soup awaits you, giving you a chance to regroup and share the day’s experiences before being driven back to your meeting point.



Our lunch boxes are hearty, offering a variety of snacks, fruit, water and assorted juices and soft drinks for you to enjoy at leisure whilst on board enjoying the fine South African weather.
On our return to the harbour we treat you to tea and home made vegetable soup at the lodge giving you a chance to regroup and share the day’s experiences after which you will be driven back to your original meeting point.


We provide all necessary diving and safety equipment for you to enjoy your cage diving experience in South Africa in comfort and security.
We only ask that you bring suntan lotion, cap and sunglasses, a warm jersey/jacket and of course, your swimming suit.
If you know you are prone to motion sickness or even if you are unsure if you are, we advise you take medication 2 hours before we depart so as not to spoil your adventure!

And last tip – don’t forget your camera!!


A swimming costume & Sea-sickness tablets (take two hours before launch)




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