Established In 1989

White Shark Projects is a long-established shark cage diving, research and conservation company based in Kleinbaai, just outside Gansbaai, South Africa. Embark on an ocean adventure like no other where you stand the chance to see the great white shark in its natural habitat. While you are out there, White Shark Projects’ marine biologist will tell you all about the diversity of the marine environment these magnificent creatures live in. On your trip, you may also see whales, dolphins, seals, penguins and various seabirds that are found in the area. Over the years White Shark Projects has set a benchmark for responsible tourism and proactively contributes to the preservation and growth of the local community and the environment. With that said, White Shark Projects supports sustainable job creation, upliftment projects and programmes to foster ecological awareness that includes a recycle swop shop, youth club and an international volunteer programme.

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White Shark Projects was founded in 1989 and is proud to carry the title as being the first cage diving company to be established in Gansbaai. 

The longstanding tour operator provides a unique opportunity to discover the diverse marine life in the Atlantic Ocean along the Gansbaai coastline in South Africa.


The White Shark Projects crew and staff are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise that is combined with hands-on experience. Armed with an abundance of industry-renowned qualifications, certifications and degrees related to marine biology, site guiding, safety at sea, first aid and service delivery you can relax and enjoy your white shark experience with knowledgeable and experienced boat crew who have over 20 years working in South African waters and various areas of research, conservation and ecotourism. 

  • Skipper (over two decades of intensive experience)
  • Marine Biologist
  • Dive Master
  • Shark Experts
  • Conservationist and Ecotourism Experts
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Shark Team is a custom-built 11-metre catamaran fitted with the latest maritime electronic and safety equipment. Although her capacity is 30 passengers, White Shark Project has limited its licence to a maximum of 20 passengers plus crew to ensure passengers enjoy space and comfort throughout the trip.

Health and Safety

White Shark Projects carries comprehensive public insurance and passenger liability. All safety equipment, first aid and life raft are on board as well as toilet facilities. The company complies with strict regulations laid down by Marine Coastal Management, local governing authorities and all current COVID-19 protocols.

Certifications, Awards and Memberships
  • Fair Trade Tourism
  • SATSA (Southern African Tourism Services Association)
  • PETCO Award (2017)
  • Member of ORITAG (Oceanographic Research Institute Co-operative Tagging Project). 
  • Member of ELMO (Elasmobranch Monitoring SA)
Shark Cage Diving

Shark Cage Diving

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White Shark Projects invites you on a thrilling journey of discovery and education where you will have the chance to see an array of marine wildlife in their natural habitat, amongst them none other than the oceans number one apex predator, the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias).

Cost Up To and Including the 31st of December 2021

  • R1,800 per person per trip (excluding transfers)

Cost from the 1st of January 2022 

  • R2,320 per person per trip (excluding transfers)

Trip Duration 

  • Approximately three to four hours (excluding travel time)


  • Five-Star Lodge (access to modern ablution facilities)
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Pre-Trip Safety Briefing and Orientation
  • Snacks and Beverages (onboard)
  • White Shark Lecture (onboard)
  • Diving Gear
  • Towels
  • Hot Soup (served on your return to shore at the Shark Team Crew House)
  • Dive Experience Certificate (awarded via email)
  • Life Jacket

What to Bring:

  • Swim Suit
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Jacket (can get nippy out at sea even on the warmest days)
  • Camera
  • Seasickness Tablets (these need to be taken ahead of time to be effective)

Please Note:

  • Trips are weather dependant
  • Trips and launch times are confirmed the day before your booking (according to the weather and tide)
  • The ocean has no fences and sightings are not guaranteed.
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Community Projects

Community Projects

The team at White Shark Projects believes that environmental education and community upliftment incentives are vital in aiding the conservation of marine ecosystems and the communities that live around them. 

Recycle Swop Shop

The children from Masakhane and Blompark exchange recyclable plastics and paper which they have collected from home, school and the streets for school stationery, toiletries, pre-loved clothing, blankets and toys. A soup kitchen is run from both operations. The shop relies entirely on donations and you can make a difference by volunteering or by donating stock for the shop. 

If you would like to learn more about the Swop Shop and volunteer programme, please contact Charmaine on 076 245 5880. Donations are gratefully accepted, please contact the team at

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Through public outreach, giving presentations to schools, talking to clients on shark cage diving excursions and organising beach clean-ups, White Shark Projects hope to change people’s plastic habits.

Beach Clean-Ups
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Each year, about nine million tonnes of plastic gets dumped into the ocean. This is the equivalent of one full garbage truck dumping rubbish into the sea every minute of every day for a year. The White Shark Projects team organises regular beach clean-ups with school groups and volunteers to help conserve Gansbaai’s coastline.

21 Days for The Environment

This annual awareness campaign serves to educate communities in the Cape Whale Coast on how they can be more responsible, despite their age or economic status. For 21 consecutive days, White Shark Projects shows how many daily, and seemingly innocent activities, negatively impact the ocean. The campaign reaches the community through educational talks at schools, radio interviews, social media drives, beach clean-ups, competitions, fundraisers and creative ideas. 

Ocean Defenders Youth Club

The non-profit Ocean Defenders Youth Club allows children from the local community to work closely with marine biologists. This is a hands-on opportunity for them to learn about the far-reaching effects that marine and land pollution have on the environment.


This project includes a soccer team in Masakhane and a netball team in Blompark.

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer


White Shark Projects’ volunteer program has changed the way many young people take action in the world of conservation. 

Volunteers can look forward to being trained in white shark biology, behaviour, research, conservation, shark attacks, basic seamanship and tourism.
Contact White Shark Projects for more information about the volunteer program.



“Thank you for making my bucket list experience so memorable!”  Candace Nold
“An incredible experience with White Shark Projects. All the staff and crew were extremely friendly and professional. The marine biologist did a brilliant job educating us on shark behaviour and cleared up all the myths concerning these creatures. I have a newfound love for sharks and our two boys were ecstatic. I highly recommend this experience.”  S.Van Zyl
“Professional and they take your safety very seriously.”  Charl Hanekom
“A great project that helps us understand the importance of great white sharks in the oceans, a vital part of the ecosystem.”  Alex Miller
“White Shark Projects has a lovely new extension with lots of showers and toilets.  Great breakfast and then scrumptious soup afterwards. The sharks were the highlight of the show!”  Hennie Van Niekerk



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