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Clear View Security Services with VIEWPROTECT

Clear View Security Services with VIEWPROTECT

Clear View Security Services with VIEWPROTECT
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Clear View Security Solutions™ is a supplier of clear security solutions. We have recently set up an agency in Greyton to service the Overberg and Western Cape.
Our products include Clear Bars, Clear Armed Bars, Clear Gates and Secure Films.

Security products are developed to cater for the individual wishing to purchase time to activate their personal security plan so as to protect both themselves and their family. Traditionally, to be able to move around in your house or office, you are forced to deactivate your alarm system. Your panic button would then be your only defence against an intruder. Often, with insufficient warning time, this threatens both you and your household’s safety by making you vulnerable and allows you to easily be over-powered by an intruder.
It is therefore of utmost importance that your security system creates physical obstacles which effectively delay an intruder penetration into your private property or office.

We offer security products that are less intrusive, stronger than conventional steel bars and all products ensure that no light or view is lost.
The system is relatively economical and creates superb burglar prevention that is hardly noticeable. It is ideal for the home and also accommodation establishments, where guest security is paramount.
This product is made from the strongest thermoplastic polycarbonate available, and has a Tensile Breaking Strength, depending on product thickness, of up to 3,000 Kilograms. This in comparison to a typical 12 mm mild steel bar with a tensile breaking strength of approximately 300 Kilograms.

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ViewProtect has strict regulations for the standards and

specifications of our polycarbonate products. We only buy from

ISO regulated companies. We also make use of an independent

test laboratory (University of Stellenbosch Institute of Structural

Engineering) to do materials testing on our polycarbonate

products before we allow these products to be sold as a

ViewProtect transparent burglar bar. ViewProtect is in the

process of registering as an ISO 9001:2008 company and have

our stage 1 audit be performed.



The warranty entails that the polycarbonate bars will not stain

under normal circumstances and when cleaned according to

the recommendations on the packaging.

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