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Blog: Looking after your own security

Published: 23 September 2015
By:Andrew Jones-Phillipson

Securing your home can be simple and there are multiple levels.

Boundary fence


Outside alarm beams

Security bars (Transparent improves aesthetics)

Internal beams and alarm

Although home burglaries may seem random in occurrence, they actually involve a selection process. The burglar's selection process is simple. Choose an unoccupied home with the easiest access, the greatest amount of cover, and with the best escape routes. 

Make your home more difficult to enter.

Most burglars enter via the front, back, or garage doors. Experienced burglars know that the garage door is usually the weakest point of entry followed by the back door. The garage and back doors also provide the most cover. Burglars know to look inside your car for keys and other valuables so keep it locked, even when parked inside your garage.