Changing people's lives by assisting disadvantaged rural learners with secondary and tertiary education.
Through the help of sponsors we are currently able to support 35 learners and 14 university students. Please do contact us if you might be interested in supporting one of these students.

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GGEF provides assistance and funding to rural students from poor communities in the Overberg region of the Western Cape to access universities.

Bursaries are offered to 35 pupils each year who are carefully selected from the 4 top grades of the Emil Weder High School in Genadendal, which is a non fee paying school.

The awards, pay the school registration fees and provide for educational outings once or twice a year.  Many of these pupils come from single parent homes, live in considerable hardship where family income is at or below the poverty level.

In spite of their difficult circumstances, these pupils perform academically at or better that their class peers. Experience gained during the past decade and more has shown that pupils from this group exhibit characteristics of commitment to their work, enthusiasm for their subjects and a determination to succeed.

Since 2007 when our university student support programme started, more than half of these pupils have gained places at university where the majority are successful.

Bursaries are offered to students who qualify for entrance to universities.

They dovetail with a mentoring programme which is designed to assist students deal with any difficulties they may encounter particularly in their first two years of study. Students agree to co-operate with their mentors by keeping them informed about their progress at university.

Monetary awards change every year and are paid quarterly dependent on sound academic progress

GGEF ACCOMPLISHMENTS during the last 14 years:

  • Provided 400 school bursaries
  • 3 Scholarships
  • 9 Educational outings
  • 4 National diplomas (from 2008)
  • 3 Bachelor degrees
  • 3 Bachelor (Honours equivalent)
  • 1 Honours degree


Just R6 000 (about $700 or £500) would help us support a first year university student rising to R9 000 in their final year of study. Given that the pass rate of our student base is more than double the national average, your investment in our promising youth is an investment in their communities too. Regular small monthly payments by many donors make a great difference.

Our donors receive regular reports on student performance and we can personalise your donation if you wish. Our constitution demands that all money donated is reserved for student support. The work of the Fund is carried out by volunteers who cover their expenses personally.

Please do visit our website for more in depth information or contact us directly via email or telephone.  We would be very happy to meet with you too.  Your generous support CHANGES LIVES!

Supporting senior school learners

The Greyton Education Fund supports about 35 high school puples per year with payment of their registration fees of about R300 per learner. Selection is based on low family income and sustained academic perfomance which should be above class average. A designated teacher assists the committee with selections. The bursary recipients receive a certificate each year they achieve from grade9 to grade 12. These learners form the core from which to select bursary resipients who achieve admission at a university.



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