Greyton Genadendal Education Fund

Blog: Hard work and tenacity gained this student his Degree

Published: 10 July 2014
By:Marilyn Barker

Barnard Wildschut started his studies at Stellenbosch University where he failed (too much rugby) and was not re-admitted. After 2 years working at a dead end job and fathering a son he realised that education was the only way up in the world. An accountant in Caledon recognised Barnard’s potential and offered him a job and to pay half his study costs for a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Comm.) Via distance based education from the University of South Africa (UNISA). Barnard applied and was awarded a bursary by the Greyton Genadendal Education Fund, which covered the rest of his study expenses.  

Barnard worked extremely hard, juggling family pressures, full time work and his studies and graduated in 2014. 

He was then offered a post with the Theewaterskloof Municipality. Barnard wants to re-register next year at UNISA for the Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy.


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