Our Seafood Menu & Costs

Our Seafood Menu & Costs

De Vette Mossel Hermanus


The menu is a feast of freshly prepared seafood and you are invited to eat as much as you like. This offer excludes prawns and crayfish which are sold separately.

There are nine courses with a total amount of 16 dishes (seafood and traditional accompaniments) that are prepared and presented one after another.

  1. Mussel meat, with onions, lots of garlic and farm butter. Mussels in half shell, steamed in onions and white wine.
  2. West Coast Snoek - with sweet potato - West Coast style.
  3. Seafood pot with four types of fish, calamari strips, mussels and cleaned prawn tails, rice (for those who want to catch the sauce), garden salad - (we seldom talk about salads), a vegetable dish with milk and cheese (even Karoo farmers tuck in).
  4. Meat potjie (for those who don’t eat seafood).
  5. Catch of the day - with onions and olive oil/butter- the chef will say.
  6. Rock Lobster/Whole Prawns - additional (for those who ordered it).
  7. Calamari Steak - pan fried with onions and olive oil/butter (this is how it should taste).
  8. Water Melon and sweet melon or tropical fruit (slides down your throat).
  9. Coffee and Koeksisters - (sorry - we do not do tea).


  • Pensioners - R250 per person
  • Adults - R295 per person
  • High School students - R230 per person
  • Primary School students - R140 per person
  • Pre-primary students - R70 per person
  • Under three years of age - No charge

To find out more, please contact De Vette Mossel Hermanus today.

Our Seafood Menu & Costs

De Vette Mossel Hermanus

Imagine a never-ending buffet of fresh seafood prepared for you on an open fire right on the shores of the Klein River Lagoon. Well, your dream has just become a reality! Gustave and Charné du Bois invite you to join them at De Vette Mossel Hermanus in Prawn Flats just past Voëlklip. Kick-back and...

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