Land Surveying Services

Land Surveying Services

Geomatics Africa

Land Surveying Services

Geomatics Africa offers a multi-disciplinary range of land surveying services which include:

Cadastral Surveys

Cadastral surveys entail the survey of land and also deals with the laws and rights in-and-over land that relates to boundaries. The main types of cadastral surveys are:

• Subdivision surveys
• Consolidation of land
• Creation of servitudes
• Sectional title surveys

Topographic Surveys

• Topographic surveys are a contour survey used by architects and engineers for new dwellings or extensions on existing dwellings.

Engineering Surveys

Engineering surveys are done to best determine the way for forward with large scale constructions such as the building of roads, apartments, mall and office complexes. These services may include:

• Design compliance
• Site set out
• Constructed reporting
• Volume calculations
• Claims measuring
• Quality control
• Engineering advice

3D Laser Scanning

Geomatics Africa uses the latest technology in 3D laser scanning to add a new dimension to each of their projects.  

The 3D survey points collected, combine together to form a point cloud that represents the surface surveyed. Point clouds can be viewed in multi-hued colours (based on signal intensity return) or true colour from a digital camera. This technique provides a solution for the rapid surveying of inaccessible surfaces or complex geometrical details. The data can be linked in 3D to your site grid and matched seamlessly with topographical survey plans, elevations and sections.

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Land Surveying Services

Geomatics Africa

Geomatics Africa is a Hermanus-based multi-disciplinary land surveying company, specialising in high accuracy, cadastral, topographical, and engineering surveys. Fronted by land surveyor Nicholas Clark, Geomatics Africa strives to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the surveying industr...

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