Safety in CBD Discussed

Safety in CBD Discussed

Overstrand Municipality

Safety in CBD Discussed

A constructive meeting between Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) and the Executive Mayor of the Overstrand Municipality, Dr Annelie Rabie, took place on 21 June 2022.

The initial intention of the meeting was to discuss the issue of vagrancy and homeless people after HPP presented its first order findings of a report by their consultant. 

The meeting also discussed the on-going challenge of informal car guards and the perception that the Central Business District (CBD) is not a safe space.

Both parties explained their expectations of each other, as well as some of the legal challenges facing the Protection Services Directorate of the Municipality.

It was agreed that where needed, Provincial Departments responsible for specific service delivery will be contacted.

Similarly, Overstrand Municipality requested the further support of the business community in supporting initiatives around formalising the car guard situation as part of its Protection Services mandate. 

The Municipality shall going forward engage with a number of stakeholders in order to find a permanent solution.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor responsible for Protection Services had a follow-up meeting with Director of Protection Service, Neville Michaels, yesterday morning.

Internal arrangements in relation to the CBD will be announced in a few weeks. Some of the arrangements will, for obvious reasons, not be made public. 

Since Overstrand Municipality and the organised business fraternity are already in conversation on a number of matters of mutual concern, the overall stability and safety within the CBD will be included in the agenda.

Both HPP and the Overstrand Municipality agreed that the municipality has the responsibility to control public spaces and roads. Likewise HPP has a responsibility to meet the expectations of its membership.

These expectations are not mutually exclusive and hence the Overstrand Municipality is looking forward to an enhanced relationship with HPP and other Special Rating Areas (SRA’s) in its jurisdiction.

"I would like to thank Mr Louw and his delegation for their frank and open conversation and I am sure this will be of mutual benefit going forward," Mayor Rabie said.

Safety in CBD Discussed

Overstrand Municipality

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