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Master Your Beliefs - Master Your Future

Sue Leppan is a life, transformation and holistic wellness coach based in Sandbaai, Hermanus. Providing therapy for a range of challenges, Sue specialises in targeting and dealing with emotional trauma, self-doubt, depression, stagnation and self-centring. Whether you need help with personal issues or are working to reach your goals in the workplace, Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach will help guide and train you to facilitate your sustainable transformation every step of the way. Providing the tools to delete self-made limitations, Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach will guide you as you reach your full potential. Other than one-on-one sessions, and online coaching, Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach also provides education in the form of special courses and workshops.

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“I only recommend and apply methods to my clients that I have experienced myself. I know what it is to feel like nothing, and I also know what it takes to climb out of that place. I am sure of who I am and that’s why I believe in my clients. If they are dedicated and true to themselves, they will reach their goals.”


Sue Leppan - Qualifications

  • BA Psychology (NMU – PE) 1985
  • Advanced Master Transformation Coach
  • NLP Life Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner)
  • Negative Emotional Therapy ™ Practitioner
  • Life Coach
  • Trauma Release (2018 - 2019)
  • Certified Energy Codes Facilitator (spiritual) 2021 
  • Certified B.E.S.T. Practitioner (bioenergetic synchronisation technique) 2022
  • International Coaching Register

Sue believes that the human mind has the power to make the body sick through negative thoughts and beliefs which manifest in stress and anxiety. With this being said, when we are true to our being, we have the power to tap into the same essence that heals our scars and
broken bones, to heal ourselves emotionally.



Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach provides the following services:

  • One-On-One Counselling Sessions
  • Online Coaching
  • Transformation Facilitator
  • Life Coaching
  • Stress and Trauma Release / Therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
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What to Expect

What to Expect


Once you have had your free 30-minute consultation and assessment with Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach, you will be paired with therapy to suit your needs.

Sue will teach you how to master and work with your subconscious. Your timelines will be established. Emotional states are neutralised from creating limitations. You must be ready to receive life-changing techniques and tools. Moreover, you must have a desire for a strong self-view and self-love.

Online Sessions

Online Sessions

Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach gives you the choice of having your counselling sessions online.

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Teams


Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach offers a range of courses, each designed to tackle different challenges.

Four-Week Self-Study Course

Cost: R465

Course Topics:

  • Forgiveness
  • Self-Love
  • Gratitude
  • Joy


  • Daily Actions
  • Worksheets
Achieving Inner Freedom 

Cost: according to requirements

Are you caught up with personal drama or do you struggle with finding the motivation to chase your dreams? Is there so much noise in your head that you can’t relax or fall asleep? Find out how achieving inner freedom can change your life! 

Surviving Your Divorce 

Cost: according to requirements

Today, more marriages break up than ever before. You may have become a statistic, but that does not help you deal with the emotional trauma. Work with a coach who can truly understand what is going on inside, and start building a stronger you.

Career and Business Success

Cost: according to requirements

Do you feel stuck in your current career or have you ever wanted to create your own business but are too afraid of failing? Dreams only become real with action. Let me help you take the first step today, and provide you with a proven guide towards the dream you want to realise.

Emotional & Physical Fatigue 

Cost: according to requirements

With the forever-changing challenges we face daily the stress, fear and anxiety have progressed to such a level you may feel you are fighting a losing battle or a personal war. Science has shown that prolonged, unresolved trauma and stress will eventually manifest as a physical illness. Your biography then becomes your biology. Choose what kind of biology you desire wisely, by releasing and letting go of emotional stories.

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T)

Cost: according to requirements

B.E.S.T. is a hands-on facilitation that brings balance and synchronization to the body. A body in balance has the innate potential of self-healing due to the natural, enhanced flow of energy through the body.

The Energy Codes® 

Cost: according to requirements

Have you ever asked: Who am I? Are you struggling with what you are doing here? A time arrives in our lives when we ask these uncomfortable questions of ourselves. Those questions that no other person can answer for us, but we search outside of ourselves forgetting that we are unique and our answer will lie within.

Workshops / Seminars

Workshops / Seminars

Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach offers various workshops and seminars.

Sue’s transformation workshops are held with her business partner Juan Esterhuizen and cover topics such as The Subconscious Mind 101, Couple’s Coaching, and Consciousness Coaching.

Sue also offers motivational seminars that are business-focused, including workshops on the following topics:

  • Focus Driven Goal Setting
  • Your Subconscious in the Workplace
  • How to Work with Your Goals Daily
  • Creating a Roadmap For All Future Goal Actions

Contact Sue for more information about upcoming seminars and workshops.



“I spent the best three days of my growth development with Sue Leppan. Sue has walked this delicate journey with me and has guided me with such grace and confidence. I’m now ready for this brilliant future that is unfolding for me. I highly recommend her services and I will certainly continue to use her.”  Satisfied Client
“Sue Leppan has changed every perspective I’ve ever had - mind, body and soul. When I met with her for the first time, I was a shell of a person, not living, stagnant and completely negative. What I was looking for was a psychologist or psychiatrist because that is what society advises when you feel this way. Instead, I got so much more, in three days alone. I feel like my whole make-up and every building block has shifted or changed. I am so appreciative and I would recommend seeing Sue no matter what state or stage you are in in your life. The sooner the better!”  Megan
“Reconnecting with Sue Leppan again after the initial course in 2019 has helped me reflect and remember that it starts with me. The work we did during these two days on goals has once again brought all the learnings together. A realisation that the work on self is important, continuous and a life journey. Sue has provided me with practical steps and tools I need to improve myself and achieve my goals. I am looking forward to the changes and know that my life will improve.”  Lulama
“A few days with Sue and I have already noticed small but life-altering changes in my inner world. She has shown me that I already have and always will have everything within me to achieve and be all that I desire and need. I feel like I have finally met Me - and she is lovely! Thank you so much for the work you do for me and everyone else!”  Nicole
“Sue Leppan worked with me for an intensive two-and-a-half days. She geared the programme to my style of learning. Everything was well-explained and I felt very supported and encouraged throughout the process. It was hard work at times but well worth it. I can feel the benefits already and I am excited about what lies ahead. A truly life-transforming experience. Thank you, Sue!”  Samantha
“The way Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach organised the workshop I attended was amazing. It was simple and so powerful. I tend to live with limited beliefs, have a low image of myself and struggle to achieve my objective in life. These sessions turned my beliefs upside down, to set me up for success. For the first time, I believe that I can achieve success and happiness in everything I set myself to achieve. I loved that I gained a better understanding of my subconscious mind, and how the law of attraction works. Sue has changed my negative emotions and given me powerful tools to apply in my daily life to set myself up for success. I cannot wait to continue this work with her as I see it as the start of a new and successful journey.”  Michael
“My sessions with Sue Leppan have changed my outlook on life. I "get" things now.”  Charlene
“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m super grateful for everything Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach taught and showed me this weekend. I was under the impression that I could teach others how to become better versions of themselves, feeling great about myself and life. I had no idea that I had so many limiting beliefs about myself. I had no idea that I was preventing and blocking real magic in my own life. Thank you for showing me how truly magnificent I am. Thank you for guiding me through each process and giving me the tools to become a better version of myself. You are truly an amazing and committed person. You are a true beacon of light and an inspiration to society. Thank you very much, Sue!”  Jason



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