Why Using An Industrial Laundry Makes Sense

Why Using An Industrial Laundry Makes Sense

Walkerbay Laundry

Why Using An Industrial Laundry Makes Sense

Walkerbay Laundry share practical information on why using an industrial laundry to take care of your washload makes sense.

Taking care of your business’ large loads of dirty laundry can turn into a mammoth task and you might end up biting off more than you can chew because you tried to save a buck.


Walkerbay Laundry is geared to deal with large amounts of laundry quickly and efficiently.


Walkerbay Laundry has industrial-sized washing, drying and ironing machines that are built to withstand heavy-duty use.


Walkerbay Laundry uses environmentally friendly and biodegradable products as well as tried and tested cleaning techniques, formulated to expand the lifespan of your linen.

Quality Control

Walkerbay Laundry gives each washed garment a strict quality control inspection and will repeat the washing process if necessary.


Walkerbay Laundry will collect and deliver your large commercial laundry load, giving you peace of mind and letting you get on with the business of running your successful guesthouse or restaurant.

Give Walkerbay Laundry a call to find out about their industrial laundry service and other commercial add-ons they have to offer your business.

Why Using An Industrial Laundry Makes Sense

Walkerbay Laundry

Walkerbay Laundry is your one-stop industrial laundromat for all your laundry cleaning needs in the Greater Hermanus area. The laundromat specialises in dry cleaning, washing, ironing, folding and adds a professional finishing touch with impeccable service. Walkerbay Laundry uses biodegradable, envi...

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