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The legendary Head Office Pub in Pringle Bay is a VIP (very important pub) that is all about having fun in a relaxed and safe party environment. The generously stocked bar has a wide selection of all your favourites and you can quench your thirst while having a lekker time with old friends and new. Cheer for your team as you watch sport on one of three big screens, shoot a few rounds of pool or try your hand at a game of darts. Added to that is a covered braai area where you can do what South Africans love best, the ‘bring and braai’. Work up a sweat on the dance floor to the greatest hits of all time because life should be celebrated and you need to get your hands in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care. Head Office Pub enforce a strict no under 18 years of age policy and the venue can accommodate up to 100 people of all shapes and sizes. Oh… and by the way, Head Office Pub is home of the all year brandy special… just saying.

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What started out as a venue for private functions has grown into one of the most popular watering holes in the Cape Whale Coast. Head Office Pub officially opened to the public when they were granted a liquor licence in 2004.

We pride ourselves on creating a down-to-earth and laid-back experience that is spiced up with a lot of good humour which is undoubtedly why this colourful establishment continues to be so popular with people of all ages.

Since the passing of Cobie Rossouw , our favorite barlady, a lot of changes was made. "We had a lot of plans for the pub and since Cobie passed ive made some of the changes we had in mind " nico sais

Nico is now the manager of the Head office Pub and with barman Grysie and barlady Kaira they are keeping the nightlife alive



There’s a lot to keep you busy at Head Office Pub such as:


There is a dance-floor for you where everything from 70’s disco, 80’s hits to langarm sokkie and bubblegum pop gets played. Live music acts perform in season and for special events. Alternatively, you can be the DJ and get the crowd going if you pop a coin or fifteen into the jukebox.


The three big screen TV’s will ensure that you see every goal and try scored by your favourite sports team when they challenge each other to the next big game.


There are two pool tables for those who enjoy picking up a cue and knocking the black-ball into a pocket. Wednesday nights are dedicated to informal and fun pool competitions. A small entrance fee goes into the pot and the winner takes all the loot. 


There is a fully licensed bar that sells wine, malt, spirits and liquors. And yes, there is cold beer on tap and shooters!


There is a dartboard so make sure you throw that first dart as close to the bullseye as possible in games of 501, Killer and Shanghai.


The covered braai-area is just waiting for your next ‘dop en tjop’. Bring your cooler box with meats and salads as long as you support the pub by buying your liquid refreshments.

The Great Wall of Jäger

This is fast becoming one of the seven wonders of the adult beverage world and you have to see it to believe it.

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Bar Tabs

Bar Tabs

The requirements needed to open a bar tab at Head Office Pub are:

  • That you are over the age of 99 years of age.
  • That you are accompanied by both parents.


“Great place to hang out.” Rene Barnard
“Cool place for a cold one and a round of pool.” Andreas Schmid
“Nice vibe, good music and good people!” Carla Cheyne
“Best place for a lekker kuier in Pringle Bay! Cobie truly adds to the atmosphere. Lots of love for you Cobie!!” DePringl Inne
“Good place..good people. Bar staff are great!!” Jacques Ractliffe



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