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K & S Eco Packaging is a biodegradable and recyclable packaging solutions and distribution company that is based in Pringle Bay. With the planet fast becoming more environmentally aware of the damage that plastics cause to animals that live on land and in the oceans, there has been a welcome shift in the thinking of disposable waste products. K & S Eco Packaging provide businesses such as restaurants, guesthouses and supermarkets with biodegradable and compostable food, beverage and merchandising packaging staples, such as paper straws, take away containers, pizza boxes, beverage holders and paper bags. PLA clear cups, coffee stirrers, ice cream scoops, cocktail forks and chopsticks complement the range of food related products. Furthermore, K & S Eco Packaging are suppliers of unbleached paper napkins and toilet paper. K & S Eco Packaging sell wholesale as well as directly to the public.

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More Info

K & S Eco Packaging was born out of the direct need for eco-friendly packaging and the company promote environmental awareness in the greater Pringle Bay area. ‘Straws Suck’ and ‘Rethink the Bag’ are two of the campaigns supported by K&S Eco Packaging.

PLA stands for Polylactic Acid and it is a bioplastic that is derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugar cane. PLA is biodegradable and is often used in food handling and medical implants.

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