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The Butterfly Centre
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Limitless Potential

The Butterfly Centre is an early learning intervention centre located in Stanford. The main goal of The Butterfly Centre is to help young girls and boys who struggle with conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) reach their full potential. ASD affects each child differently, from mildly to severely. Each year hundreds of children with ASD enter the mainstream education system where they do not receive the attention and care they need to properly deal with their condition. The wonderful team at The Butterfly Centre specializes in caring for children who fall somewhere on the autism spectrum (many of whom are undiagnosed) in an environment where they can not only receive proper individualized schooling and treatment but also thrive in a safe space, giving them a chance to re-enter the mainstream education system.

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“I like to think it is a story of how the power of love and the goodness of people can create miracles from even the greatest tragedy.” Jami Kastner

The Butterfly Centre is a fully registered non-profit and public benefit organization that was lovingly created by Jami Kastner. The Centre opened its doors to the public in 2014 and is heavily influenced by Jami’s own children - Jack and Sam. She noticed that her eldest son Jack seemed different from other children at young age and, as he got older, noticed that it was difficult for him to find his footing in the mainstream schooling system. Although he had difficulties, it was clear that he was not quite suited for a traditional special needs school. In 2013 Jami was dealt the worst blow any mother could suffer...her youngest son Sam lost his life and her world was crushed.

Meeting with this dynamic woman is humbling, and after an initial feeling of sadness washes over you, it is replaced by a sense of intense and total admiration for her inner strength that has resulted in The Butterfly Centre. Slowly, from the roots of loss and grieving, grew the precious beginnings of hope and the dream to make Sam’s life count. A journey of remembrance still continues.

The full-time students who range between the ages six and thirteen, receive classes at the level and speed to suit their specific abilities. Classes include reading, writing, mathematics, art and basic sports coaching. The children of The Butterfly Centre have shown tremendous growth in their reading ability, writing skills and social interactivity as a direct result of the one-on-one educational approach.

The Butterfly Centre has been actively teaching their students, parents and the public that although some children may seem different, they are no less special than anyone else. That, coupled with the genuine love from every teacher, instructor and volunteer, gives the children of The Butterfly Centre a chance to comfortably find their tribe.

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