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Ecclesia Centre is a Non-Profit Organization in Villiersdorp that was established to uplift and protect youth in the community. Encompassing a place of care and positive learning for babies, toddlers and young children from the age of six months upwards, Ecclesia Centre helps pave the way for youth to grow into educated and well-balanced adults. The centre has a number of facilities which includes a baby and childcare centre, a resource centre and essential youth counselling services. A daily feeding scheme fills the tummies of the Ecclesia Centre’s full-time and part-time attendees. Furthermore, there are six off-site soup kitchens run by volunteers that provide food for the homeless, and those in need, twice a week at different locations throughout the community.

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Heidi and Randall Louw were born with a passion for helping people and are a match made in heaven. Shortly after they got married, the couple established the Ecclesia Centre which is a culmination of their dedication to uplifting those most in need in their community.


With a population of approximately 35,000 people, the Villiersdorp community is comprised of generations of farm labourers who have been born into a culture of poverty. 

It is heartbreaking to know that alcoholism, drug abuse, school dropouts and early pregnancies are all a normal part of life. Ecclesia Centre strives to make a difference in this outcome. 

Ecclesia Centre’s Ethos
  • To train our youth in music, song, dance and drama focusing mainly on Arts & Culture
  • To offer a place of comfort and restoration for our youth who come from broken homes and relationships
  • To teach our youth admirable moral values and principles
  • To give our youth tools to improve their education
  • To provide food for our youth, the less fortunate and the homeless
  • To contribute to community upliftment through key intervention job creation programs, projects and initiatives
Baby and Childcare Centre

Baby and Childcare Centre

The Ecclesia Baby and Childcare Centre is run by two qualified ECD (Early Childhood Development) teachers who take care of:

  • Babies (six months and older) 
  • Toddlers (three to five years old)


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Activities
Resource Centre

Resource Centre

Ecclesia Centre provides students with a cheerful, warm and safe environment where they can do their homework and receive guidance from aftercare monitors. 


To help children focus on their schoolwork in order to provide them with a sound foundation to become adults who contribute positively to society. The team helps each individual focus on their strengths as well as ensure they realize their hobbies. 

Youth Counselling

Youth Counselling

Ecclesia Centre offers essential youth counselling for foster children. 


To ensure students are able to focus on their schoolwork and achieve a matric while embracing a high standard of personal values.

Feeding Scheme

Feeding Scheme

Ecclesia Centre provides nutritious meals that include:

  • Breakfast and lunch for all attendees (Monday to Friday)
  • Lunch for aftercare children (Monday to Friday)

In many cases, these meals are the children’s main source of sustenance.

Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen


Ecclesia Centre has six off-site soup kitchens for the homeless and less fortunate. The kitchens are permanent fixtures in different areas and are open twice a week.

The towns local community generously support this cause by donating to the Ecclesia Centre fund and by adding to a food donation trolley at the town’s main supermarket.  

If you would like to help the Ecclesia Centre feed those who need it most, contact them directly for more information and to become involved.



Ecclesia Centre thanks all its sponsors and is grateful for each donation received. If you would like to assist, donations can be made to:
Bank Details

Ecclesia Centre
Bank: FNB 
Cheque Account: 62727504286
Branch Code: 200712



A reliable bakkie that could be used to run Ecclesia Centre’s daily errands would make a huge difference to Heidi and her team. For now, each cent saved goes towards making this wish become a reality.



A reliable bakkie that could be used to run Ecclesia Centre’s daily errands would make a huge difference to Heidi and her team. 

For now, each cent saved goes towards making this wish become a reality.




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