Villiersdorp, Western Cape, South Africa

There are plenty of routes into Villiersdorp, but the most spectacular way to get there has to be over Franschhoek Pass. You will definitely be rewarded with beautiful vistas, a fantastic view over the Franschhoek Valley, plenty of pretty endemic fynbos and dramatic mountain gorges. Here is more information on the driving directions to Villiersdorp.

The local tourism centre has a small museum that is crammed with a collection of artefacts highlighting interesting stories about the history of Villiersdorp. This building is also the hub for markets that showcase the work of the area’s talented artists, of whom there are many.

Spend a day or five exploring the town and you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of things to do in Villiersdorp. Food and wine play an important role in laid-back country living, Villiersdorp’s restaurants and wine estates won’t disappoint. Farm stalls stock the very best local produce and homemade goods so you can stock your pantry with country-fare.

Nature lovers can take a guided walking, cycling or driving tour through Villierdorp and see mountain passes, historic farms, rivers, dams and other points of interest. If you have never seen or hugged an Alpaca, now is the time. A breeding farm just outside town fleece these spitting South American creatures who, quite possibly, inspired the mullet-hairstyle in the 80s. Their wool is used to make cuddly soft non-allergenic garments that are well worth investing in.

Outdoor adventurers will be in raptures when they are let loose on the Theewaterskloof Dam in Villiersdorp. For many years the dam has been hosting boat owners, fishermen, water-sports lovers, campers and caravaners. The venue also plays host to regular competitions for all the popular sports that are enjoyed there.

The local community are a hospitable bunch and this warmth is extended to the many accommodations available in Villiersdorp. Cosy B&Bs, guesthouses and self-catering homes featuring generous extras are the norm and are all the more reason to spend some time in this town that is just about untouched by time.

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