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At Helderstroom we breed and raise alpacas. We also shear, card and hand spin the fiber into yarn, which is then hand knitted, woven or felted and made into a range of stylish, warm and unbelievably comfortable garments.

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Why choose Alpaca?

Rare, soft, extremely fine fibres, such as silk or cashmere, are favourites in the luxury market. But alpaca is being rediscovered, and is starting to command the top slot of all. Alpaca epitomises the finest things in life – it is smoother than silk, more comfortable than Egyptian cotton, even more exclusive than cashmere, warmer than goose down, lighter than wool and it ‘breathes’ better than the latest high-tech synthetic sport fibres. On top of that it is paradoxically very hard wearing, keeps its shape and feel, and can quite literally last a lifetime – representing that true value for money that is recognised by upmarket customers.

What makes Alpaca so Eco-Friendly?

Alpaca is an eco-friendly fibre because both the herd animal and the fibre production process have a low environmental impact and a very light carbon "footprint’. Alpacas have soft, padded feet which literally tread lightly on the earth and do not cause soil erosion. Their efficient digestion produces great natural fertiliser, and they can thrive even in poor pastures. Being members of the camel family they consume less water than sheep or goats. Their fleece is non-allergenic and does not contain lanolin, thus eliminating the need to clean it with harsh detergents. The fibre comes in 22 beautiful natural colours and represents a sustainable luxury renewable resource.



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