The Top 5 Outdoor Adventures in Betty's Bay

The Top 5 Outdoor Adventures in Betty's Bay

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With not a shopping mall in sight for miles Betty's Bay is firmly positioned in nature. The town itself is a narrow 13km stretch that is laid out to make the most of the beautiful ocean and mountain views that surround it. Due to its great location, Betty's Bay is also perfect for a selection of outdoor adventures. We've selected the top 5 outdoor adventures in Betty's Bay:

1. Sand-boarding

If you've always dreamt about gliding down slopes then this is the activity for you. It's like snowboarding at the beach with the sun on your back. The highest dune is approximately 230 metres high, although this should not deter beginners as guides take any level and have taken people from ages 5 to 65. Experienced sand-boarders can right into it, but not to worry - beginners will still have a lot of fun with the help of the guides, who will make you feel safe and teach you the ropes of this exhilarating sport. The more you learn the higher you will edge up the dune and the more extreme this activity becomes. Guides go up to the dune almost daily.

Endless sandy dunes make for great Sand-boarding

2. Whale Watching

Southern Right Whales swim close to the rocky shoreline of the Hangklip-Kleinmond area from June to December. The whales prefer the warmer waters during the later part of the year when they are ready to mate and calve after feeding in the Antarctic for 6 months. The heavy-tonned maritime visitors cause quite a stir on their annual visits as they perform with breaches and fin slaps. They are often spotted swimming close to the shoreline with calves in tow.

Spot the Southern Right Whales frolicking in the surf

3. Visiting African Penguins

For some peculiar reason a colony of African Penguins set up their home on the rocky outcrops after the old whaling station shut down at Stony Point. The dapper birds often make their nests on islands and so Stony Point is one of only three mainland sites in the entire world. Visitors can make their way into the protected area via a wooden walkway that weaves through their nesting area.

Visit the African Penguin Colony at Stony Point

4. Hiking

With 360 degrees of stunning views and indigenous fynbos that boasts incredible biodiversity at your feet, the best way to experience Betty's Bay is by hiking. A majority of the hikes available are found within the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens. Pick up a guide from the office at the entrance point and choose between a wide range of hikes that are suitable for relaxed walks or intense hikes between the cultivated gardens or natural coastal fynbos and mountains. Outside of the gardens there are some lovely walks that take you along the rugged coastline.

Hiking in the fields (and hills) of green

5. Going to the Beach

Small sand dunes form the gateways to the beaches in Betty's Bay and give way to pristine sandy walkways. The beauty about these beaches, despite the fact that they have incredible views and you can spot whales in the distance from June to December, is that they are often secluded. Feel free to comb the beach, set up an umbrella for relaxation, surf, body board or fish. Out of season there will be hardly anyone in sight and even in peak season you only catch a very faint glimpse of a crowd on the beach.

Stroll along the beautiful sandy beaches of Betty's Bay

The Top 5 Outdoor Adventures in Betty's Bay


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