Octotel and the Economics of Fibre

Octotel and the Economics of Fibre

CABA (Cape Agulhas Business Association)

Octotel and the Economics of Fibre 

The growth of affordable broadband connectivity is key to social and economic development and its expansion was expedited at the start of the covid pandemic. At Octotel, the roll out of reliable connectivity is a priority that preceded lockdown. More than this, we believe in giving back to the communities that allow us to bring fibre to their homes and businesses. 

As part of our roll out, we engage with key stakeholders in each community, taking an eager interest in the economic impact that can be made with the aim of mobilizing and supporting local businesses and initiatives throughout the process. At the onset of covid Bredasdorp was hard hit by unemployment, as an agricultural and tourist reliant town and from the planning phase this was taken into consideration. Our contractors employed 100+ local workers from the community. Our business team onboarded a local service provider as well as joined the Cape Agulhas Business Association in efforts to find the best ways to support the town. 

“Octotel approached us to do mall activations and deliver magazine/flyers providing our employees with much needed income during these difficult times” - Renee September - Marketing Agency  

“Ek is dankbaar vir Octotel vir die geleentheid om vir hulle werk te doen, met 'n redelike groot kontrak na 'n lang stil tydperk. Ek kan nie wag vir hulle om Struisbaai toe kom nie.” Chris Smit - CS Signs

Future Proofing Communities 

While the construction phase has a set timeline for completion, the infrastructure holds benefits long after the trenches are closed. The octotel network has backup power to all its nodes which means it remains connected during load shedding to ensure businesses remain online. As more people rely on fast connections for their employment, where they are based is less relevant. This makes the installation of superfast broadband now an investment in equipping communities with the infrastructure they need to not just survive, but to thrive in the future. 

"All communities connected through the Octotel network have become active participants in the fibre roll-out process and ultimately it's success." - Octotel Marketing Lead

Bredasdorp is in its final stages of trenching and the community will soon be made live. With over 50 of the country's leading service providers (ISPs) the network offers competitive packages from R395, free UPSs and free installation options from selected ISPs. 

We have also created a community Facebook page for Bredasdorp in which we will be posting updates as well as promotional content. The page name is "Octotel - Bredasdorp Fibre". You can also utilise this page to quickly engage with us through a direct message. Our team will always get back to you as these pages are monitored closely.

It is our hope that access to these services will allow businesses and individuals to solve problems in new and innovative ways.

Octotel and the Economics of Fibre

CABA (Cape Agulhas Business Association)

CABA (Cape Agulhas Business Association) is a non-profit organisation in Bredasdorp that aims to build business relationships within communities. The organisation strives to create a vibrant and sustainable socio-economic environment in the Cape Agulhas region, by having open discussions with all bu...

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