Dyer Island Conservation Trust

Blog: Make A Difference This Christmas

Published: 10 December 2015
By:Anwynn Louw

The Campaign will target Friends of the Trust and new visitors to the Marine Dynamiics & Dyer Island Cruises in Gansbaai area during December 2015, in an effort to raise awareness of Marine Conservation and increase funding for specific projects such as;

  1. Great White Shark Research
  2. Endangered African Penguin Rehabilitation
  3. The Fishing Line Bin Project
  4. Marine Big Five Rescue & Rehabilitation

We are at an early stage, and need pledged supporters to assist with donations and the sharing of this campaign.

Interested parties can learn more about #MADChristmas by visiting The Dyer Island Conservation Trust website at http://bit.ly/DICT_MADChristmas. There users can make online donations that will help support the movement. A certificate will be awarded in their name to commemorate the deed, which can also make for a thoughtful Christmas present to a loved one.

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust was founded by Wilfred Chivell. The Dyer Island Conservation Trust delivers unique conservation and research projects in die fragile and critically endangered marine eco-system at the southern-most tip of Africa. Here we strive to protect the largest surviving colonies of the endangered African Penguin whose numbers are at an all-time low; the globally important breeding and calving grounds of the Southern Right Whale; and the world’s densest populations of the vulnerable Great White Shark.

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