What is Es la Vida?

What is Es la Vida?

Es la Vida Animal Haven

Es la Vida is a new privately-owned animal haven between Stanford and Gansbaai, offering a haven and sanctuary for all things animal. Where animals are honoured and respected as intelligent sentient beings, and given a voice and a choice. A haven for animals who have faced hardship, where they can come back to balance and develop trust through the use of techniques that gain co-operation not enforced compliance. Rescue animals can carry a host of behavioural issues with them, often brought about by unconscious human behaviours that lead to the animal losing trust or not being given the chance to develop trust in the first place. Through the use of techniques including animal communication and reiki healing (a form of soft touch energy healing), the animals at Es la Vida are given the opportunity to be heard, and helped to release any trauma or upset that has led to them losing trust. Through gentle respect and consideration, the animals are invited into a new form of interaction with humans, one of mutual trust, consideration and respect. In return, the animals are invited to participate in the workshops and courses aimed at bringing humans back to an understanding of animals as wise and intelligent beings. As a self-funding animal haven, Es la Vida raises funds through offering the following services: - Regular dog walks on the farm (5.5km dog walk), bring your own dog or walk with one of the canine residents (currently every second month) - Puppy classes, aimed at teaching basic obedience - Market days (fetes) celebrating all things animal - Workshops in Reiki healing for animals - Animal communication workshops The volunteers who offer their time to work with the animals on Es la Vida are currently working with the resident population of horses, donkeys and dogs. The free-roaming horses and donkeys are being gently re-habituated to human contact, and the dogs on the farm are the first of the rescue and rehabilitate canine ambassadors rescued from a shelter, and who have been through the canine rehabilitation programme. Es la Vida also offers its facilities currently to the local animal rescue shelter in Gansbaai, known as BARC (Birkenhead Animal Rescue Centre). Dogs from BARC are regularly brought to the Es la Vida facilities for exercise, obedience training and socialisation. Future plans include the following: - Rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more shelter dogs - Offering a dog park for local residents to bring their dogs for safe, off-leash exercise and play - Offering a haven and sanctuary for the release of rescued animals such as tortoises, owls etc. - Offering experience-focused “practice” days for new reiki practitioners and animal communicators to gain experience and develop skills - Animal behaviour training, obedience training and behaviour improvement training - Hosting of workshops, talks and courses by a variety of invited experts in their field… from canine obedience and training modalities to healing modalities and therapies that can be used with animals and for animals - Developing a canine therapy unit - Educating and raising awareness in under-privileged areas regarding animal needs and animal care The main aim of Es la Vida is to bring humans and animals to a better understanding of each other; to offer a space for rescues to come back to balance, develop trust and either find their forever home or retire in peace; and to educate and to improve the lives of animals everywhere through education and raising awareness. To find out more, to join us as a volunteer or to find out about our forthcoming events and workshops, either find us on facebook, connect with us via facebook or on the contact numbers below. Riana: 082 339 1054 Sammy 072 845 3827 Sheryll 072 808 8145
What is Es la Vida?

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A privately owned self-funding animal haven situated between Stanford and Gansbaai on R43. Focusing on rescue, rehabilitation, rehome or retire of all things animal. As a self-funding animal haven, Es la Vida raises funds through offering the following services: * Regular dog walks on the farm ...

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