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FCS Distributors is one of the leading fireplace, braai and lighting retailers in the Overberg district. Find everything from combustion and slow-burner fireplaces, to built-in gas and combo-griller braais, to braai and fireplace accessories in their retail outlet at the Great White Junction in Gansbaai. On a lighter note, the shop stocks a wide assortment of lighting fixtures, including overhead lighting and lamps. Delivery and installation of your purchases is always handled promptly so that you can get those fires burning and those lights shining in no time!

Besides braais and fireplaces, FCS Distributors can supply high-voltage line hardware and also offer a long- and short-haul transportation service that can carry up to 28 tons of cargo.

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Bev Swart has been a Gansbaai resident since 2001 and in 2016 he married Francis. This dynamic husband and wife team decided to open a shop in the new Great White Junction Mall. The business had been established in 2004 under the name Zonart Kaggel and Braais and rebranded to FCS Distributors in 2017. The core of the business is their cast iron and steel plated combustion and slow burner units, however, they also have smaller and distinctly unique items like a rolling pizza oven and fireplace bellows. Francis and Bev have a hands-on attitude to business which means Bev does all installations and Francis can be found in-store dealing with clients. A valuable part of the team since the very start is Estelle, their charismatic front-of-house sales woman. It's this personal touch that maintains good relations with their clients and ensures they return for even the smallest braai fork.


The FCS Distributors fireplace range offers insert and freestanding models and includes:

  • Plate steel & Cast-iron fireplaces
  • Combustion fireplaces
  • LP Gas open-vent fireplaces
  • Built-in fireplace range
  • Dovre fireplaces
  • Freestanding fireplace range
  • Fireplace accessories

The FCS Distributors braai range includes gas and wood burning braais and includes:

  • Built-in braais (both regular and gas and combo)
  • Griller braai range
  • Freestanding braais
  • Braai combinations
  • Portable wood burning pizza ovens
  • Braai accessories

The FCS Distributors lighting range includes a wide variety of lights and light fittings which includes:

  • Suspended ceiling lights
  • Reel lights
  • Single pendants
  • Adjustable light fittings
  • Track-lights
  • Down-lights
  • Wall-mounted lights
  • Ceiling-mounted light fittings
High Voltage Line Hardware

FCS distributors provide a full range of high voltage overhead line material. Francis is the go-to guy in this department and is ready to assist you every step of the way.

The product range includes:

  • Bussmann fuses
  • NH Low voltage fuse systems
  • Fuse links for use on cutout fuses
  • Flying fuses
  • Lightning and surge arresters
  • Versacrimo compression fittings
  • Automatic line splices
  • Long rod and disc insulators
  • Cutout fuses
Long and Short Haul Transportation

FCS Distributors has a short- and long-haul transportation service which can transport a load of up to 28-tons on a flatbed, horse and trailer truck. The truck has a convenient crane attachment which means loading and unloading is hassle free. FCS lean toward subcontracting for municipalities and mainly transport containers, building supplies and transmission poles.  



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