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From moving into a new home to doing renovations, or simply maintaining what you already have, there’s always a need for professionals who operate in this industry. The good news is, there are several Gansbaai businesses that focus on helping people with their homes and gardens. They can assist with everything from the planning stages to day-to-day repairs and maintenance, and anything in between.

If you want to make some big changes in your home and garden, it’s best to call the experts. You can speak to specialists in each particular field – plumbing, décor, fencing, landscaping, or fitting a pool for example. Alternatively, find a company that can cover the full spectrum of your renovation plans. These businesses are great because they bring in the various contractors and run the entire project for you. This means that you don’t have to worry about the details, just the overall finished effect. Whichever way you want to run your renovations – hands on or through a project manager – you’ll find that there are plenty of experts in Gansbaai and the surrounding areas who can ensure that everything runs smoothly.

All along the Cape Whale Coast people take great pride in how their homes and gardens look. This is partly because the area is such a hot spot for tourists, especially visitors who have come to revel in the natural splendour of the region and see the whales migrating. When the town looks beautiful and well maintained, people like to visit the place and wander through the streets. This helps to boost tourism, which boosts commerce and trade there too.

Updating and looking after your home and garden can happen in a variety of ways – from arts and décor to the more functional elements. For example, it’s always important to do regular inspections of your walls – both interior and exterior – as well as your boundary fence or wall. The experts working in Gansbaai can assist you with this, and with providing the materials and skills needed for any repairs or changes needed. Any systems you have in your home, like plumbing, electrical and gas, should also be inspected regularly to ensure that you avoid any major problems occurring.

When it comes to the décor side of things, the businesses in Gansbaai have you covered for everything, from the paint on your walls to the art work you hang on them. You can get new furniture, or just give your old items a new lease on life with some reupholstering. If you decide to repaint, make sure you check for cracks, damp and any other potential problems before you get started.

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A décor centre in Gansbaai dealing in flooring solutions, blinds, fitted kitchens and a select range of wooden furniture and accessories.


A décor centre in Gansbaai dealing in flooring solutions, blinds, fitted kitchens and a select range of wooden furniture and accessories.

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