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Welcome to Jeanré du Plessis Photography! Specializing in wedding, family, couple, and personal branding photography since 2010, Jeanré is passionate about capturing the true essence of people and their connections.

With a unique and moody artistic style, Jeanré's photographs are characterized by bold colors and a keen eye for authentic moments. Her goal is to create images that reflect the genuine personalities and emotions of her subjects. She believes that the beauty of a photograph lies in its ability to evoke emotions and preserve memories that will last a lifetime.

Throughout her career, Jeanré has had the privilege of photographing numerous celebrities and has been featured in multiple magazine publications. Her work has been recognized for its exceptional quality and storytelling.

Jeanré draws inspiration from the stunning natural landscapes of Gansbaai, including picturesque sunsets, enchanting forests, and the beautiful beaches. These breathtaking settings provide the perfect backdrop for creating captivating images that truly stand out.

During photoshoots, Jeanré takes a laid-back approach, ensuring that her clients feel comfortable and at ease. She believes that the best photographs are captured when people can be themselves, allowing their true personalities to shine through.

In addition to her photography services, Jeanré offers professional photo editing to enhance the visual appeal and artistic vision of each image. She strives to deliver a final product that exceeds her clients' expectations.

If you're looking for a photographer who will not only capture beautiful moments but also create an enjoyable and stress-free experience, Jeanré du Plessis is the one to trust. Contact her at 071 269 1169 or to discuss your photography needs and schedule your personalized session.

Let Jeanré du Plessis Photography be a part of your special moments, creating timeless memories that you will treasure forever.

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Confident yet humble with a generous scoop of humor, Jeanré Du Plessis embodies a combination of all the skills a traditional and modern photographer needs to reach the top of their craft. For Jeanré photography began as a hobby when she and a close friend would dress themselves according to various themes and take photos of themselves using a basic instant camera after which they would post the pictures on social media (much to the delight of their followers). After a few photo sessions with her friend, she was approached to be the photographer at a wedding. And ever since then her career snowballed into a fully fledged wedding, family and fashion photography business.

Additional Services

Additional Services

In addition to wedding and fashion photography, Jeanré Du Plessis is available to capture a comprehensive list of photographic options:

  • High-end functions such as corporate events and birthdays
  • Guest house, restaurant and other business venues, styling and photoshoots (commercial photography)
  • Fashion portfolios
  • Product photography
  • Album cover art
  • Couples photoshoots
  • Portraiture
  • Funerals
  • Family photo sessions
  • Steamy couple photo sessions
  • Styled themed photo sessions
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