Blog Update - 03 January 2018

Blog Update - 03 January 2018

Marine Dynamics Shark Tours

It was a good day to be out at sea, we had bright, clear skies with low swells and a refreshing wind that increased as the day proceeded. It was a mix of success today with Great White sharks sightings on some of our trips as they were graced with the presence of this species however all our shark trips did get to see sharks with the Copper sharks coming and going throughout the day.

The White shark that was seen was Mini Nemo, an estimated 3.4m male that has been seen in the bay for close to a month now. He is a frequent visitor to the area, within the past five years we have logged this animal 4-5 times a year in the area and staying for approximately 4-6 weeks each visit. He gained his name in 2012 due to his stunted right pectoral fin, however what he lacks in this fin he makes up for in activity and over the years has been seen to be growing healthily.

The Copper sharks that were seen throughout the day varied, none of which are ones we have become familiar with over the last few months but all of those spotted today appear to be female and anywhere between the 1.5-2.5m length. It is days like today, when the sun is shining brightly you can truly appreciate the beauty of this species as its dorsal surface flashes bronze in the light as it gracefully cruises by.

Guest Comments:
“Unique experience. Recommend!" - Lauwens

"So much fun seeing the sharks in the wild. Such a good experience!" - Sarah

"What a great experience, my life is now complete to be so close to sharks. Guide was awesome!" - Jannice

Blog Update - 03 January 2018

Marine Dynamics

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