BANTAMSKLIP IS ON THE OVERBERG COAST IN THE WESTERN CAPE - SOUTH AFRICA The site is earmarked for a Nuclear Power Station by Eskom and the South African Government.

MARINE AND TERRESTRIAL ENVIRONMENT: There are 1600 listed Red Data species within 100 kilometers of Bantamsklip. There are 22 Red Data listed species on the Bantamsklip property itself, of which six are entirely restricted to the farm. The property represents the foremost conservation priority in the Cape Floristic Region and is regarded as the world's "hottest" of biological diversity hot spots. In addition to this the Bantamsklip coastline has the highest level of marine endemism found in southern African coastal waters, due to the cool Benguela upwelling causing very high levels of primary nutrient productivity, enhanced by the seasonal south easterly and south westerly prevailing winds and the topography of the Agulhas coast lying adjacent to these climatic and oceanic systems. For these reasons there is significant controversy over plans by Eskom to construct a Nuclear Power Station on the site.

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