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Blog: Greenpeace Report on Rosatom Russian Nuclear

Published: 12 October 2014

Rosatom risks

Exposing the troubled history of Russia's state nuclear corporation

Kiadvány - október 6, 2014

Rosatom, the state nuclear corporation of Russia, is actively pursuing expansion domestically and abroad, despite the decline of the nuclear industry globally. Rosatom is a questionable business partner, plagued by concerns over corruption, the safety and quality control standards of its nuclear reactors, its competence at building and operating nuclear plants, its model for financing projects, and concerns over its ability to complete construction on time and on budget.

While Rosatom is the focus of this report, Greenpeace has campaigned extensively against other nuclear companies (like Areva in France, General Electric in the US, AECL in Canada, Toshiba andHitachi in Japan).

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