Counselling/Coaching Tools & Services

Counselling/Coaching Tools & Services

The BandAid Strip Counselling & Coaching Services

What makes the BandAid Strip so unique, different and super-effective?

  1. It offers a powerful combination of affordable counselling and coaching with counselling being:  Please, help me find out what is wrong with me or my life... and coaching being:  Now, show me how to fix it ...
  2. It therefore offers emotional healing to lost, broken and scarred people, especially after an abusive marriage, a bad break-up or a crippling divorce - restoring self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence.
  3. It empowers people by teaching them how to heal and transform their lives through easy, step-by-step, self-training courses - helping people to help themselves.
  4. It assists people with marriage and relationship advice, helping couples to improve their relationship by supporting them in finding their own solutions to problems - helping them not to give up until it's over, and not to let go until it's done.
  5. It helps people to make calm, realistic and well-considered decisions in case of separation or divorce, warning them against pitfalls and coaching them towards the shortest, least painful and amicable settlement and divorce = meditation.
  6. It supports people with D.I.Y. divorce guidelines (but no legal advice) and encourages them to stay the course until the divorce is final.

The BandAid Strip Counselling/Coaching services utilises popular and effective e(mail)-therapy to reach people across the country.

H. Jordaan

Life Skills Specialist

Counselling/Coaching Tools & Services

Heté Jordaan

The BandAid Strip is a place of hope, healing and new beginnings - a self-help platform to a complete LIFE MAKEOVER that includes emotional healing, relationship rescue, self-esteem, self-confidence, trauma, depression, divorce damage, etc.

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