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Fynbos Enterprises is a surprise just waiting to be discovered in the heart of Pringle Bay. This petit shop is a buzzing hive of handcrafted and unique items where you will be spoiled for choice. Stock up on products such as candles and toiletries made using beeswax and raw honey, gourmet and totally decadent Italian ice-cream and inspirational art by talented artists from the surrounding areas. Fynbos Enterprises doubles as a pop-up style restaurant on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, serving wood-fired pizza and a traditional staple named, Askoek. Fillings and flavours are wholesome, fresh and wherever possible, from the area. The pop-up restaurant is unlicensed so you will need to bring your own tipple. Booking is advisable but arrangements are always made to accommodate those wanting to join in the fun at short notice.

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Beekeeper, Sunra Mostert began her Fynbos adventure in 2008. What started out as a small range of natural toiletries has grown into an eclectic hive of wholesome honey, health and happiness. Sunra, her husband Martin (Hangklip Honey) and her right hand Lisby, are proud to present Fynbos Enterprises.



Most of the products manufactured by Sunra are made from Beeswax and raw honey produced by her own bees that live and work in hives tended by her husband in the Pringle Bay area. The products are made on the premises of Fynbos Enterprises and include:

  • Candles that are made from beeswax, soy wax and coconut oil. They burn clean with no toxic emissions and they can be used as a moisturizer on your skin.
  • Toiletries that are kind and gentle on even the most sensitive skins. Honey has healing properties and contains propolis, which is a natural antibiotic.
  • Liqueurs made from honey blended with ingredients that are unique to the season.
Surina stocks a petit and colourful range of art, condiments and unique handmade products supplied by crafters who live in the Pringle Bay area. Furthermore, there is a range of health and wellness products available on order.
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Pop-up Restaurant

Pop-up Restaurant



17:00 until 21:00

Saturdays and Sundays

7:00 until 15:00

Fondly known as the smallest restaurant in Pringle Bay, Fynbos Enterprises boasts two communal friendship tables. In the busy summer months, Sunra invites you to bring your own table and chairs (on request) to avoid disappointment because this is one pop-up venue not to be missed. Enjoy a laid back time on Friday evenings when the menu is delicious pizzas made in the wood-fired pizza oven. Saturdays and Sundays are all about Askoek served with (or without) various wholesome fillings that are available bright and early. Pizzas are added to the menu from noon onwards. Sunra is spontaneous and will go with what is in season, so expect some tasty combinations.

Enjoy a pot of farm-style ‘Moerkoffie’ served the old fashioned way in an enamel coffee pot. Although Fynbos Enterprises has a producers liquor license you will need to bring your own adult beverages for which there is no corkage fee charged.

Desert is LaVeneziana Ice Cream which is all the more reason to visit Fynbos Enterprises.




South Africa’s favourite bush brew is Afrikaans Moerkoffie that is made with freshly ground coffee in a simple enamel coffee pot on a stove or over an open fire. Contrary to popular belief, the name does not come from the aggressive Afrikaans term which means to hit someone really hard. It derives from the Dutch noun ‘moer’ which means ‘a layer of sediment’. This may not sound appealing, but many coffee connoisseurs swear by this one, and a cup of rich and robust moerkoffie is sure to give you a satisfying kick-start any time of the day or night.


The Askoek is one of South Africa’s much-loved food heirlooms and is still a firm favourite on many a braai menu. These buns are made with unbleached, stone-ground flour and baked directly on the coals. The thin layer of ash that remains once the coals have been dusted off lends a delicious smokiness to this rustic bread.



“This is the smallest restaurant in Pringle Bay. The owner is a beekeeper who makes her own liqueurs, some other unique drinks and homemade dark Belgian chocolate filled with liqueur. The pizzas they make on Friday and Saturday evenings are most probably the thinnest crust that you`ll get anywhere. Pizzas are only made on order so you are going to wait at least 25 minutes. The owner and the chef chat away all the time which add to the ambiance. You may bring your own wine or beer if you like.” Hendrik B, Tripadvisor
“WOW was blown away with this place, just had a quick bite to eat and enjoyed their homemade ice tea.” TBag1974, Tripadvisor
“I'd say to expect it more as a take-away where you can sit down. They specialize in Pizza, honey and ice-creams (including sorbets). Sounds like an odd combination - but that's what it is. Don't expect a formal sit-down, it's more like a home away from home with two tables where you can see them making the pizza in the wood fired oven. My family enjoyed the rudimentary setting that night after a beach day, in a relaxed environment. The pizza's were great, with a very thin crust and a generous portion of toppings. For drinks, you are welcome to bring your own (they are not licenced), and do note that they don't even sell cold drinks which you can obtain next door. For dessert, we had sorbet cones that were absolutely delicious! Lemon and Mango flavours after the chilli pizza's were good. My children convinced us the next day, to return for more ice-creams! Pricing very reasonable and affordable.” Stanley466, Tripadvisor



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