Come Do The Funky!

Sat, Sep-21, 09H00 - Sun, Sep-22, 15H00

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, birds are happily singing, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere are gearing up for a brand-new season in the great outdoors. Dust off your mountain bike (MTB), grab your trail running shoes and load the family into the car. It’s time to make your way to the funkiest festival in the Overberg... the Funky Fynbos Festival! MTB and trail running enthusiasts have the chance to take part in various events and stand the chance to win great and funky prizes! The two-day festival is held at two of Gansbaai’s most iconic venues. The first venue is the Lomond Wine Estate where sporting events such as mountain biking, trail running, fishing competitions and canoe races can be found. Additionally, Wine tasting, craft beer, artisanal food stalls and entertainment can be enjoyed on the vineyard. The second venue is the Gansbaai Harbour, where you will find the Funky Fynbos Market, live entertainment, kiddies entertainment, Gansbaai Health & Active’s Spin relay Challenge, “kaskar” races, a Fynbos Expo, Mr & Miss Fynbossie, poetry reading, and a kaleidoscope of artisanal food and wine stalls. There is something for everyone at Lomond Wine Estate and Gansbaai Harbour so bring the whole family down to Gansbaai for two days of funk-filled-fun at the Funky Fynbos Festival!!!

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Funky Fynbos Festival Results 2018

For a full list of the Funky Fynbos Festival 2018 MTB and Trail Running results CLICK HERE.

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If you’re ready to take on the challenge and compete in the funkiest festival in the Overberg, keep an eye on this space! Booking will soon be available. 

Preliminary Program of Events 2019

See Documents for preliminary program graphic

Friday, 20th of September

Time TBA (Lomond Wine Estate)

  • Pre-registration for MTB ,Trail Runs and Canoe

15H00 (Harbour Fynbos Display)

  • Funky Fynbos Festival Opening
  • Seniors Tea Party

Saturday, 21st of September

Lomond Wine Estate


  • Registration for MTB 


  • Funky Fynbos MTB and Canoe Races Start
  • Food, Wine & Craft Stalls Open
  • Music 
  • Kids Entertainment 
  • Poetry in the Milkwoods

Gansbaai Harbour


  • Funky Optog
  • Fynbos Display & Show opens
  • Food and craft stalls open
  • Music and entertainment
  • Funky Spin Marathon - Health &Active
  • Master and Miss Funky Fynbos


  • Beer & Wine Tent
  • Box Car racing
  • Poetry
  • Kids Entertainment
  • Fish Braai competition
  • Cropped competition


  • Guest Artist Performs


  • Funky Fynbos Festival Day 1 Ends

Sunday, 22nd September

Lomond Wine Estate


  • Registration for Trail Run 


  • Funky Stage Race Day 2 and Canoe Race Starts
  • Food, Wine & Craft Stalls Open
  • Music Performances Start
  • Kids Entertainment
  • Poetry in the Milkwoods​

Gansbaai Harbour


  • Fynbos Show Opens
  • Food, Wine & Craft Stalls Open
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Gospel Hour
  • Family Lunch
  • Kids Entertainment


  • Funky Fynbos Festival Day 2 Ends

NOTE: This program is subject to change as we confirm upcoming activities

Funky Prizes

Every year the Funky Fynbos Festival has bigger and better prizes than the year before it. Race participants and casual festival goers stand the chance to win their share of amazing cash prizes and a wide variety of other prizes, all genorously donated by some of Gansbaai's Funky'est businesses.

If you want to be one of 2019's lucky Funky Fynbos Festival winners make sure you're at the Gansbaai Harbour and Lomond Wine Estate on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of September!

If you want to donate your very own funky prize to the Funky Fynbos Festival contct Doulene Els at to become one of our Funky Sponsors and learn more on how that can benefit you!

Lomond Wine Estate

The first of the funky venues is inland at Lomond Wine Estate where all the sporting events will be held. Apart from the annual MTB and trail running events, last year’s new kid to the block the Two-Day Stage event will once again be on the MTB itinerary as well as a fishing competition and canoe races. Lomond Wine Estate will serve as the scenic backdrop for the tastings of local wines and craft beers supplied by surrounding wine estates and micro-breweries in the area. Moreover, Lomond Wine Estate will host the highly praised Gansbaai Academia Marimba Band to add that extra bit of funk to the festivities.

Want to set up a stall at the Lomond Wine Estate? CLICK HERE, fill in the form and email your completed form to to register your funky stall today!

Gansbaai Harbour Funky Festival

Set in the Gansbaai Old Harbour, funky festival goers can once again enjoy a vibey and atmospheric festival experience. Down at the iconic Gansbaai Harbour you will find live entertainment, a beautiful fynbos expo, artisanal food and craft stalls, a craft wine and beer tent and kiddies entertainment. The morning will start off with the Health & Active Spinning Relay and as the day progresses you can join some locals battle it out in “kaskarre” races, participate in poetry reading and watch as Mr and Miss Fynbossie get crowned. Additionally, Birkenhead Boat Club’s fish braai competition will also be part of the entertainment.

Want to set up a stall at the Gansbaai Harbour Funky Festival? CLICK HERE, fill in the form and email your completed form to to register your funky stall today!

Walker Bay Conservancy

The Cape Floral Kingdom represents less than one percent of the world’s floral kingdoms but is by far the most diverse with 70% of the Cape Fynbos only being found in the in the Cape. The Walker Bay Conservancy was formulated by a group of local landowners who were concerned at the rate of which their beautiful and diverse lands were being affected by fires, alien vegetation and industrial and residential development. To date there are 26 members that form the Walker Bay Conservancy who together seek to protect and promote the conservation of indigenous plants and wild animals in the area.

In partnership with the Funky Fynbos Festival, Walker Bay Conservancy has opened up its proverbial doors again and is allowing all the trail running and mountain biking races to take place across their various prestinly well-kept farmlands.    

Funky Sponsors 2018

The organizers of this year’s festival would like to acknowledge the all the efforts and contributions made by the sponsors and supporters of this year’s Funky Fynbos Festival and the greater Gansbaai community. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the sponsors, supporters and volunteers of the Funky Fynbos Festival 2018.

Here is a list of this year’s Funky Fynbos Festival sponsors and supporters:

Vouchers and prizes from:

Want to become a Funky Sponsor?

The Funky Fynbos Festival gets bigger and better every year! This is all thanks to their wonderful sponsors who continue to support the funkiest festival in the land. If you wish to become one of these sponsors contact Gansbaai Tourism directly or CLICK HERE to register.

  • Contact Gansbaai Tourism on: 028 384 1439
  • Or email
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Want to set up your own Funky Fynbos Festival stall?

  • Complete the application form HERE and email it to

For any further enquiries please contact:

  • Gansbaai Tourism: 028 384 1439
  • Email:
Health and Active Spinning Relay Challenge

We at Health and Active are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Spinning Relay challenge at the Funky Fynbos this year. The minimum age for entries are 14 years and older and will consists of a 5 hour continuous cycle challenge on a stationary spinning bike. The public or businesses can Rent a bike for R750 rand and may form groups of a maximum of 6 individuals to take part in this relay, you decide how long each person cycles and how many people are in a group, the only two rules are: 1. All bikes must be in use by one of the team members at all time. 2. Maximum of 6 people per group.

The Relay Challenge will be hosted at the Gansbaai Harbour and will start promptly at 08h00 and will finish at 13h00. We will be available for late entries from 07h30 onwards and we do encourage people joining in groups to make the most of this challenge and dress to promote your company or just for fun so that we can see you form part of a group.

16 bikes are available 5 of which have a maximum weight limit of 130kg and 11 with a maximum weight limit of 110kg, there will also be bikes available for walk-ins (people not part of groups) and can be rented for R75 per 30 min slots, you can cycle for as long as you like, paying per 30minutes, it all depends how long you are willing to cycle.

All group entries will each receive a Health and Active hamper upon completion of the challenge.

There will be group instructors, leading the challenge, as well as a live DJ ensuring a great vibe and funky beat to keep you motivated. There will be various supplements for sale, massage treatments for those who cramp up and we will be running a special on this day for people whom would like to become a member at Health and Active Gansbaai.

A percentage of our proceedings will be donated to our local animal welfare named BARC.

For enquiries and entries please phone Health and Active at 072 938 2820 or send Pieta an email at

Please note:

  • Entrants between the ages of 14 and 17 years old must have written and signed consent from a parent or guardian (this form can be obtained from us via Email).
  • Rates given are subject to change 
Lomond Canoe Marathon

Come join in the Funky fun at the Lomond Dam on our marathon course laid out in laps of 6, 12 & 18km. There is a short portage between laps. Choose your distance and paddle in this beautiful environment amongst the vines and pristine fynbos. A short course is available for guppy paddlers.

For more information stay tuned!



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