Blog Update: 4 March

Blog Update: 4 March

Marine Dynamics Shark Tours

  • Location: Joubertsdam
  • Water Temperature: 12.6°C + 12.8°C
  • Depth: 10.2m + 9.8m
  • Visibility: 4.0m + 4.0m
  • Number of White sharks: 3 + 4
  • Conditions: Bright day with no swell and slight increasing winds.

We fin-ished the week off well with beautiful conditions and some nice shark sightings. We had a nice Sunday sleep in before launching a little later to arrive on anchor and find that the clarity of the water had very much improved, with sections of the bottom of the bay visible from the boat making for a such easier shark spotting and viewing under water. Whilst the visibility was great the temperature was not so with a drop down to the mid 12° range making for some cold divers but not to worry the hot chocolate and tea helped once back on board.

The White sharks mimicked the cold water temperature with some beautifully chilled behaviour, cruising slowly by the boat and cage, circling around giving us all a great view and allowing those in the water a much higher chance of glimpsing the largest predatory shark in theses seas. We had just a couple of Coppers today but the White sharks were the stars of the trips with a number of different individuals showing their fins. It appears the males were trying to up their presence in the bay with three out of our total five individuals being made up of the males including the large guy in the bay a whopping 4.0m stunning animals and two smaller males, one of which was Mini Nemo. The females that appeared briefly were the large female with the upper lobe of her caudal fin missing and a female a tad bit smaller with a bite scar on the right side of her flank. We also had a brave but friendly Cape Fur seal enjoying the great conditions in the Shallows.

Blog Update: 4 March

Kelly Baker (Biologist)

Marine Dynamics is an award-winning, ecotourism and conservation company based just outside of Gansbaai, in Kleinbaai, South Africa. Marine Dynamics invites you to join them on an adrenaline filled, shark cage diving adventure where you will come face-to-face with one of the ocean's greatest predato...

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