Daily Blog 16 October 2018

Daily Blog 16 October 2018

Marine Dynamics Shark Tours

  • Location: Joubertsdam
  • Water Temperature: 14.9.C +15.C
  • Depth: 9.7m + 9.5m
  • Visibility: 1m
  • Conditions: A Summer day with a South Easterly picking up in the afternoon.

This morning we left nice and early as the sun popped it's head up over the gorgeous Overberg. While our clients got into their wetsuits, the first copper sharks arrived already. They quickly jumped into the cage and got to see the sharks right up close. A seal popped it's head up and hung around the boat for a long time, enjoying the sun and the exhilarated views of our guests. Soon our guests were awed by a short-tailed stingray that came up from the deep to say hi. These guys get up to 2m meters wide and are one of the larger ray species that are found around South Africa. Towards the end of our trip, a southern right whale passed close to our boat, showing our guests what truly marvellous creatures they are. Unfortunately, it had to end, and our guests left feeling amazed by the beauty that can be found in the Gansbaai waters.

We had an awesome second trip on the ocean, with the Bronze Whaler Sharks popping up as soon as we were on anchor. The visibility in the bay has been great over the last couple of days and so our divers were able to see the sharks perfectly as they took turns entering the cage. The activity started off hot, with the sharks coming right up to the cage and giving the first group some up close and personal encounters with these pretty requiem sharks. We’re seeing some big beauties around at the moment, with some of the Coppers being just shy of 3m. these curious specimens came up again and again, with the occasional Short Tailed Stingray popping up and showing off its impressive wingspan. We sometimes have these bottom feeders ascend from the sandy bottom below, giving us some great views as they investigate the smell of fish. Later on in the tour, we had a couple of lulls in activity, with the sharks moving off and then coming back in again. During this time, a pesky Cape Fur Seal made her presence known, surprising the divers in the cage by zooming past them in an effort to hunt down the Mullet fish. Towards the end of the tour, our Coppers returned for a few great goodbye passes before we head back on into the harbour. All in all, a splendid time out on the Atlantic.

Guest Comments:

“Great trip - felt very safe. All staff very attentive + informative. Will definitely recommend.” - Kirstie

“Brave but very safe adventure. Loved all the crew and specially the fact that there is no rush. You only return when you’re happy. Thank you!” - Pedro

“What a professional group! Our guide was amazing. Incredibly knowledgeable and great energy! Entire staff made us feel comfortable and was so helpful. Thank you!” - The Whites

Daily Blog 16 October 2018

Marine Dynamics Shark Tours

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