O.M.G.E.E. Bediening

We Care - Ons Gee Om

There’s a lot to be said in a name, and when Pastor Deon Kloppers first established the non-denominational O.M.G.E.E. (Ons Moet God Erken en Eer) Bediening, he did so with the knowledge that having a relationship with God allows you to have a relationship with people. The heart of this church beats kindness and an unspoken policy of ‘paying it forward’ is practised by the congregation who come from all walks of life. Regardless of their situation, everybody is welcome - with special care given to the elderly and the poor within the community. Pastor Kloppers and his congregation invite you to join them for an informal gathering to praise the Lord. The services are bilingual (English/Afrikaans) with an even balance of charismatic and traditional gospel music sung to backtracks. The main focus of the church is to help each other and the community that surrounds them.

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After practising as a Dominee in the Dutch Reformed Church for 27 years, Pastor Deon first opened the doors of the O.M.G.E.E. Bediening in 2009 in Groblersdal. After moving to Gansbaai with his wife Linda, they continued to serve the Lord and opened O.M.G.E.E. in the current premises in Church Street. Since his first service in 2012, which started with two elderly ladies and their dog, the congregation has grown to over one hundred members attending the Gansbaai O.M.G.E.E. Bediening and around 80 members attending the Pearly Beach O.M.G.E.E. Bediening.

“If you love God you’re welcome and if you don’t love Him yet, you’re welcome too!”


Gansbaai O.M.GE.E.

  • Sunday Worship - 09:00
  • Tuesday Men's Prayer Group - 06:00
  • Wednesday Bible Study - 18:30
  • Christmas Service - 08:00
  • Old Years Eve Service - 23.30

Pearly Beach O.M.G.E.E.

  • Sunday Worship - 11:00
  • Thursday Bible Study - 18.30
  • Christmas Service - 10:00


  • Pastor Deon's wife Linda, invites all those wanting to do a mild Pilates class to join her at the Gansbaai O.M.G.E.E.
  • Monday - 11:00  (R30)
  • Thursday - 11:00  (R30)


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