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Blog: A Day in Betty's Bay

Published: 16 May 2017

The Market

It was per chance I saw the sign for the Betty’s Bay Arts and Crafts Market during my drive through the town yesterday – but what luck I did.

The market was filled with beautiful local crafts, pot plants, yummy homemade treats and even had a place to order some delicious bites to eat. I only had a coffee, but my friend Patrick ordered the hot-chocolate pancake special (one hot chocolate and two pancakes for R29). We were blown away. The hot chocolate had little pieces of Marshmallows floating on top, and rather than getting the instant coffee I had anticipated, I received a pot of traditionally made Moerkoffie. What a pity it was morning, else I would have definitely tried some of the other meals.

Stony Point Seabird Breeding Colony

I picked up a friend from the airport yesterday and when I heard he had never been to Cape Town before, I decided to take the coastal route to Gansbaai rather than driving the familiar route over the mountain.

When we got to Betty’s Bay, I saw a sign to see penguins! Even though I grew up in Gansbaai, even I had never seen the Penguins at Stony Point in Betty’s Bay and so we decided to go check it out.

Much to my surprise, the sightings were awesome! Not only is it possible to see a bunch of these incredible birds just off the parking bay, but (for only R10 per person) we were able to take a wonderful stroll down the wooden walkways and see loads more of these little guys, read about their habitat and life and see how they breed and interact! We even saw a couple of penguins moulting… hilarious how scruffy they looked.

I can’t believe it took me so long to discover this little Overberg secret… my first, but definitely not my last time to see the penguins in Betty’s Bay!

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