Through the eyes of the Waenhuiskrans Cave

It goes without saying that when visiting Arniston / Waenhuiskrans, the Waenhuiskrans Cave is a must-see. The massive limestone cave has held our imagination through the ages as it hosted many a creature seeking shelter and remains to be shaped and moulded by the relentless Indian Ocean.

The majesty of the massive Waenhuiskrans Cave, originally called “Holkrantz” gave reason for the town’s original name of Waenhuiskrans literally translatiung in to “wagon house cliff”. The name of the cave comes from the legend that the Cave is big enough to turn an ox wagon with a full span of oxen around inside.

A big tourist attraction and believed to be the biggest coastal cave with no supporting pillar, the Waenhuiskrans Cave is a highlight of the Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve and holds Grade 1 Heritage Importance status.

The Waenhuiskrns Cave is a must-see on your visit to Arniston and the view from inside is said to make the world seem just a little brighter. Be sure to ask the host at your nearest accommodation or restaurant when tours are available as the cave can only be reached during low tide.

Get ready to get a new perspective on the world!