Arniston outdoor activities

Calling all nature-lovers and adrenalin-junkies, because Arniston outdoor adventures are certainly something to experience. The natural beauty of this area allows for endless hours of things to do that include enjoying the fresh, salty-sea air of the great outdoors. Whether you want to calmly soak up the sun, take your pooch for an exciting run on the beach or take the kids outside and get your heart rate pumping, you can certainly find something to appease your taste in Arniston.

There are several things to do in Arniston and you’ll find it’s very easy to fill up your itinerary with outdoor adventures here. Experience the best of the areas’ fauna and flora by strapping on your hiking boots and following the various walking and hiking trails in the area. Those looking for a bit more horsepower can saddle up for a horse riding adventure or even go quad biking through the landscapes, finishing off at one of the peaks overlooking the beautiful bay.

Arniston also forms part of an area known as Cape Agulhas. This destination doesn’t necessarily boast thousands of tourists each year in comparison to some of the more bustling towns nearby. However, there is a great appreciation by locals for the exquisite beauty along this protected coastline. You’ll find a wealth of wildlife, fauna and flora here that in some cases can’t be seen anywhere else in the world.

While some might prefer to whet their adventure appetites and go kayaking or wrestle the big one on a fishing expedition. Others prefer to keep their feet firmly planted on ground while taking a leisurely walk and enjoying the immaculate sights of the ocean and towering mountains. You’ll also find that the sounds of wild birds flying overhead are a nature lover’s treat. Adventure is after all a rather subjective term and there are exciting things to do here for all age groups and tastes to enjoy.

There are many exquisite routes to drive through to reach Arniston, even ones that takes you over historic mountain passes. This makes it easy to gaze at the panoramic views of valleys, farmlands and wind turbines on your way here. It will certainly get you excited for your impending outdoor adventures if you’re just visiting for a while. And it is always a humbling experience for residents who strive to never take this beauty for granted. Don’t hesitate to jump in feet first and enjoy the great outdoor adventures waiting for you in Arniston.

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