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Blog: Gansbaai wins Best Destination for Responsible Tourism

Published: 21 April 2015
By:Glenda Kitley


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Gansbaai wins Best Destination for Responsible Tourism


Gansbaai, Western Cape: Gansbaai won Best Destination for Responsible Tourism and the coveted position of Overall Winner from a selection of 22 finalists from around Africa in the African Responsible Tourism Awards showcased at World Travel Market Africa.


Gansbaai, well established as The Great White Capital of the World TM, is The Natural Adventure Destination on the South Western Cape coast. Gansbaai recently launched a new logo and marketing strategy with their vision to Create and market Gansbaai as the ultimate “up close and personal” eco/ eco-adventure destination in the Western Cape, South Africa with a bias toward conservation and sustainability.


The Best Destination for Responsible Tourism category is awarded to a destination that puts their community and environment at the heart of memorable tourism experiences and uses tourism to improve conditions for both residents and visitors thus providing an example of best practice for other destinations around the world. The Gansbaai area has a cluster of tourism businesses committed to protecting the natural environment, preserving heritage, improving the quality of life of local people, and strengthening the local economy. Included in the submission were two businesses that show tremendous contribution to the safeguarding of the fynbos and marine heritage of the area as well as commitment to the support of the community through local employment and upliftment. Both also won in their respective categories: Grootbos Private Nature Reserve won in the category Best for Poverty Reduction and Marine Dynamics Tours for Best for Wildlife Conservation.


Gansbaai Tourism Manager, Glenda Kitley received the award.

“It was such a proud moment to stand on the stand and receive these awards. We have some amazing products in town that made these awards possible.”


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