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Blog: How Sleep Can Help You Loose Weight!

Published: 03 July 2015
By:Maria Fenn

When we want the body to change it is a necessity that it has sufficient time to rest and recover. Research has shown that adequate sleep is linked to less belly fat, and a leaner physique; it is one of the most potent habits you can possess to improve your health and change your composition, quickly.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

A burnt out worn out body wont achieve the changes you’re after. It has been demonstrated that poor sleep quality or a lack of sleep can throw off a diet; alongside various other negative health implications!

·      Hormonal disruption – bad for your health long term but also a nightmare when you want to lean up!

·      Increases inflammation which in itself affects long term health, but also reduces insulin sensitivity, whilst ramping up cortisol (the storage hormone) production – both of which we want to avoid!

·      Less testosterone and growth hormone are produced; so you’ll not be able to reap the greatest rewards from your workout!

·      Increases hunger cravings, especially for sugary foods

·      It messes with your body’s natural ‘circadian rhythm’. Make sure you sleep in total darkness. This way the body is not stimulated by the light, which will affect the quality of sleep and the way your body’s hormones work!

So the key is to try and get sufficient sleep every evening, not just catch up on the weekends; unfortunately the negative impacts from lack of sleep can’t be outweighed by a weekend lay-in. Maybe begin by going to bed half an hour earlier and go from there.

Happy snoozing!

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