Top Attractions

1. Hikes

There are several hiking trails available, each of which displays a unique corner of Riviersonderend. Travellers can choose from a farmland's trail through indigenous fynbos, a historic path that overlooks the town or one of four forest trails that goes past the river. Each of these options cater to an array of fitness levels, therefore ensure you speak to a guide beforehand. Hiking Trails in Riviersonderend


2. Riviersonderend Golf

Opened in 1949, this course boasts spectacular views of the Sonderberg mountain range. Its natural surrounds, banks and dips provide a decent level of difficulty and challenges players. Visitors are welcome to use the driving range, test their skills on the 9-hole course or even take a lesson from an in-house pro. As it’s situated just off the main street, there’s no reason not to stop over for a quick round. Golf in Riviersonderend


3. Ou Meul Bakery

As Riviersonderend is situated directly on the N2 highway, it makes it easy for travellers to stop and sample the home-baked goods. What started as a small pie shop has transformed into a pastry empire, making the once blink-and-you’ll-miss-it place into a must-stop location. Branching out from their famous pies, they also offer home-made jams, cheese and breads, artisan coffee, tarts, biltong as well as locally made arts and crafts. Bakeries in Riviersonderend


4. 4x4 Trail

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver, there are two exciting circular 4x4 routes available to test your skills. Each path starts at the foot of the mountain and winds up through the fynbos hills and passes through the mountain streams. Drivers can expect to face rugged and rocky conditions, crisp forest air and an abundance of birdlife. There are even optional trails for those looking to take a 4x2 for a spin. With accommodation available on site, there’s no need to cut your trip short and miss out. Outdoor Adventures in Riviersonderend


5. Vn' Desden Farmstall

Located directly on the main street, this restaurant offers delicious home-baked goods in addition to locally made artworks. It also doubles as a little art gallery, which displays and sells paintings, wooden crafts and sculptures, all made by residents of the town. Furthermore, it’s also where the Riviersonderend Quilting Guild meets weekly, in which to sew and put together their expertly crafted pieces. Several of their works have been sold to international buyers and most notably, the Blue Crane quilt, which was raffled in aid of the endangered breed, raised R11 200. 


6. Signal Cannons

Overlooking the town of Riviersonderend, this historic signal system, which was used to call residents to military service in the area, can still be seen along the Kleinbergie Hiking Trail. During the occupation of Simons Town by the British in 1795 and in Blaauwberg 1806, the cannons were set off eight times in total as there was a threat of war. Back then it was the most efficient system as the cannon signals would take 8 hours to reach Swellendam as opposed to several days for a message to be delivered via horse and rider. Hiking Trails in Riviersonderend


7. Bird Watching

Riviersonderend is renowned for its wildlife, in particular the highly endangered Blue Crane. The quiet nature and vast uninhabited areas of the town make it the ideal spot for animals to graze and nest. Along the banks of the river, avid enthusiasts and novice watchers alike can see approximately 65 species of rare and beautiful birds such as Kingfishers and Eagles. Bird Watching in Riviersonderend


8. Architecture

From the permanent residences to the massive church steeple, the Dutch Reformed heritage of the town is prevalent in the construction and design of the local buildings. In fact, taking a very short detour around the area, you can pass each quaint dwelling to see their unique features. Protruding cornices and gables are complemented by farm-style decorations and wooden structures. As Riviersonderend was only established in 1922, the design is more to pay homage to the roots. 


9. Unique Experience

Staying in Riviersonderend is a pleasurable experience as guests are treated to panoramic views of farmlands and mountain ranges. What makes it all the more special are the unique characteristics of some of the establishments and the sincere hospitality of the owners. For those looking for a true countryside experience there is also the opportunity to enjoy a more rustic stay with no electricity (excluding the ablution facilities). Rid of technological distractions, it is a chance to get in touch with the land and take advantage of the stars. Riviersonderend Lifestyle Gallery


10. Event Space

Several kinds of outdoor festivals and concerts such as Ramfest and Vortex have been hosted on a neighbouring farm, approximately 12kms from Riviersonderend. Featuring well-known bands and DJs, the festivals draw people from all across the Western Cape. During these event weekends, travellers are known to stay within the town itself and commute to the festivities as opposed to camping on-site. Events in Riviersonderend