The Village Where Time Has Stood Still

This once forgotten fishing village huddling up against the coast, Arniston has since become a tranquil getaway thanks to its azure seas and dollhouse-like thatched houses lining the shores.

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Following the shoreline, the breadcrumb trail of handmade pools lead you to the famous caves that owned Arniston its earlier name as Waenhuiskrans. Along the way, take a moment to take in the warmth of the African sun bouncing off the crystal blue water of the Indian Ocean and smiling faces of the local fishermen.

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The chit-chatting of the locals grows louder as you head towards the harbour where you are met with the sound of laughter and the sight of the old yet colourful fishing boats all lined up. Leaving the harbour with a freshly caught and freshly bargained over fish is a tradition in itself.

Heading out on the town, you head to the renovated Arniston Hotel and the surrounding Arniston Centre to be regaled with stories from the olden days. The Hotel and the nearby cafés keep this old town’s heart beating and has been the main (and only) attraction of the town since its establishment.