Barrydale Weather

The warm, temperate climate of Barrydale makes it a pleasure to visit the valley at any time of the year. The valley is beautiful all year round with a great number of attractions to complement the changing of the season. 

Summers are ripe with apples, pears and oranges that grow in the fertile Tradouw Valley. It’s also the time of the year when crops of apricots, figs and peaches are harvested. The summer temperatures average at around 25°C, but can sometimes reach as high as 35°C. The afternoon coastal breeze provide a welcoming respite from the dry summer heat and ensure pleasant, moderate evenings under the stars or at an outside table. 

With an annual rainfall of just 300ml, it seems the sun is always shining in Barrydale. In winter expect bright, clear days followed by cold nights. The mild, crisp climate is invigorating and in the morning you can expect to see snow-capped mountains and occasional frost from your window. Winter is also the season where the waterfalls and rivers are at their fullest and when the apple and pear orchards are harvested. 

Exploring the surrounded natural splendor can be enjoyed all year round and visitors can expect to find an abundance of nature’s treasures on the mountain foothills.  Spring is renowned for arrival of wildflowers that seem to emphasize the beauty of the Tradouw Pass while autumn heralds the best time to see proteas. Winter offers a spectrum of warm colours as the Klein Karoo, famous for its aloes, milk bush and succulents, comes into bloom. 

With an inviting climate all year round, Barrydale is the perfect destination for a weekend’s frolicking in rock pools and under the stars or snugly tucked away among flowers and fireplaces.