Pearly Beach Ratepayers
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We are the PBRPA!

We aim to preserve the beauty and integrity of Pearly Beach by close cooperation and communication between the ratepayers, the Municipality and by promoting transparency in municipal and community affairs.

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As the village’s watchdog body we will always seek a close cooperation with the Local Authority to ensure that all future developments in our village and surrounds are in keeping with the spirit of this statement and that Municipal services are carried out in an effective, efficient and transparent manner.

To help us achieve these aims we need the support of our ratepayers and residents, and so urge all eligible persons to become members of the association. Membership is open to all persons over the age of 18 years who support the PBRPA’s Constitution and who own property in Pearly Beach or who are bona fide lessees of property in our village.

Membership forms are available here but may also be requested by contacting any of the current committee members.

The PBRPA newsletter is also available on this website along with a quarterly news section that will highlight activities undertaken in our village as we strive to attain the goals of the association.

However, none of this can be achieved without your participation so please remember:

We need your support to continue to “work for you”.  The greatest achievement we could all attain is to bring about lasting peace and harmony to our beautiful village as we all work together in a spirit of good neighborliness.

Shirley Coetzee - Chairperson

Viv Burton-Moore - Secretary​

Peter Burton-Moore - Treasurer​

Mike Lamb - Fundraising​

Nelia Hurter - Building Plans & Developments

Jason Stonehewer - Conservancy​ & Village Green​

Dudley Coetzee - Ward Councillor​

  • Short Market Street (next to Herbarium) 
  • Emergency number - 082 707 1811

The Emergency Room facility was approved and opened in 2007 by the Department of Health in Worcester.

What is the Pearly Beach First Aid Service and how does it operate?

Firstly, we would like to make it clear from the outset – WE ARE NOT DOCTORS OR NURSES.

Our purpose is emergency FIRST AID.

All the members of the First Aid team have first aid or medical experience and the services they provide are on a voluntary basis.

Members of the First Aid team operate the designated cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When an emergency call is made to the Emergency Room, an assessment is made over the telephone as to the type of emergency first aid required, and to establish which members of the team should attend. First Aid team members are trained to differing levels and each member applies their knowledge according to the type of emergency.

On arrival, the team will assess the situation and take the required action. This might be to contact the ambulance/emergency rescue, transport the injured person to a doctor or arrange for the person to get themselves to a doctor.

By law, NO MEDICATION may be supplied by the First Aid team. Therefore, any medication required must be obtained from the doctors by the patient.

Minor emergencies, however, can be treated by the First Aid staff, either on site or at the Emergency Room situated in Law Street. This room has been equipped as per the specifications of the Department of Health.

The First Aid team works closely with the medical doctors in Gansbaai, Overstrand Medical Rescue, Gansbaai SAPS and security companies, who are all available should further assistance be required.

The number of emergencies attended to in the village is about 200 per year. These do not include the occasional visits to check blood pressure or sugar levels.

Home first aid kit

Every household should have a first aid kit with Bandages, triangular bandages, gauze dressing, a bottle of antiseptic fluid, wound dressings, scissors, adhesive tape, safety pins, plasters, gloves, your own medication, e.g. painkillers etc., Calamine lotion for light burns. Emergency cell phone numbers.

We want to thank the Pearly Beach community for their support in the past and appeal for your assistance in the future.

Click here to download your application form

What to do if....

Snake Bites a Human


The mortality rate from snakebite = 1 in every 68 bites = about 15 fatalities a year in SA.

Puffadders: toxic to tissue (cytotoxic).

Mamba & cobra: toxic to the nervous system (neurotoxic).

Boomslang & vine snake: toxic to blood cells & blood loses its ability to coagulate (haemotoxic).

  • Stay calm.

  • Keep the person as still as possible.

  • Observe the person closely and record any symptoms and the time taken for them to appear.

  • Get to a hospital immediately.

  • Don’t use anti venom except in a hospital environment.

  • Don’t cut and suck the wound, or use suction cup devices of electric shocks.

  • Don’t give the patient anything to eat or drink.

  • Don’t rub any medication into the wound or soak the limp in home remedies.

  • Don’t try to catch and kill the snake.

Don’t be blasé about snakes.

Follow this link to the Conservancy page

For Payment of Subscriptions: R30,00 per annum. 

Ratepayers’ Association, Pearly Beach

ABSA, Gansbaai, Branch code 632005, a/c no 3228149534

Please send proof of payment to Please include your name and Erf no as a reference on your deposit.

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