A Closer look at Riviersonderend

A Closer look at Riviersonderend


Established as a popular rest-stop along the N2, the small town of Riviersonderend offers up a variety of home-made goodness along with so much more. The beautiful surrounding landscapes, entrepreneurial community and fun outdoor activities will have you taking another look. The small group of guest houses and retreat available allows for a great stay and serves as gateway to exploring the attractions at the foot of the Riviersonderend Mountains.

The collection of local shops and eateries hold the delicious and curious creations of the locals and those who provide their goods to the town. Also home to a list of challenging hiking trails, a 9-hole golf course and host to one of South Africa’s top events, the town is also a perfect spot to station yourself for venturing out and discovering the neighbouring towns.

But why not have a look for yourself - we’ve put together some of our favourite shots of Riviersonderend to give you an idea:

Colourful Canola fields welcoming you to Riviersonderend

You can expect delicious freshly baked goods when visiting

Browse the shops to find great locally produced products

The famous Riviersonderend Dutch Reformed Church

The town's namesake 'River without an end'

Discover the town's welcoming yet quirky coffee shops

A Closer look at Riviersonderend


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