The Hideaway

Imagine swimming in beautifully clean mountain spring water, warmed by the sun, with a stunning view of the mountains running down towards you.
Imagine tracing lines in the condensation running down the glass of your free ice cold drink as you admire the view from your comfortable sun lounger under a cloudless sky with a gentle breeze cooling you from over the water of a beautiful crystal clear lake.
Imagine walking on soft green grass under arches laden with beautiful roses, breathing in their scent as you amble past a spring of soft water tinkling over rocks into a stream.
Imagine dipping your toe into the clear water of a rill, burbling its way between the rocks in an orchard full of fruit trees and olives, while the air, filled with birdsong, comfortably warms your body.
Imagine watching the sunset reflected pink and gold against the green velvet backdrop of the mountains, sipping a glass of something delicious and listening to the evening chorus as day drifts softly into night.
When you stay at the Hideaway in Swellendam, you don’t have to use your imagination for any of this, just relax, unwind and enjoy the experience.

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