Nurseries in Swellendam

Swellendam nurseries give residents and business owners alike the opportunity to have their gardens and properties bursting in bloom. With an extensive range of beautiful flowers, fruit bearing trees, ready potted plants and vegetable seedlings – amongst a host of other products and services – gardens in the area can blossom in vibrant colours throughout the year! This typically creates a natural glow in and around the town, which is complemented by well-kept lawns and leafy suburbs.

As an area that’s rich in natural endowments, Swellendam home owners take considerable pride in their gardens as an accompaniment to the beautiful surrounding area. Additionally, you can find specialised businesses in Swellendam that only sell strains of particular plants. Micro farmers from the surrounding area also utilise these enterprises to source seeds for their own cultivation. Whether it’s to grow and resell, or simply to decorate their homes, there is an excellent source of seedlings, germinated plants and full blooms to purchase.

You’ll find that even if you’re just visiting the Greater Swellendam area for a short while, there are a number of nurseries that you simply won’t be able to miss out on. These businesses are open to the public and you can even pick and choose your favourite blooms to take with you back home for your own garden. Aside from beautiful plants and seedlings, you can also find important gardening tools and other materials to ensure that your exterior has everything it needs. From spades and pitchforks to gloves and pots, these businesses have you covered. Additionally, soils and other fertilizers are readily available so that you can feed and nurture your plants too.

Alternatively, you can also find home and garden décor at selected stores in Swellendam too. Weatherproof furniture, wooden swing benches or even permanent gazebos can be custom made to order. Furthermore, you can source garden gnomes and other ceramic decorations from local nurseries, particularly for those who want to give their gardens some personality and character. Each of these stores have wheelbarrows at the ready so you can shop until your heart’s content, without having to worry about carrying your goods to your vehicle.

Best of all, Swellendam nurseries strive to employ local residents from the area’s surrounding communities. They’re trained in seasonal plants to ensure that they are able to be a source of information for each customer who walks in the door. You’ll absolutely love spending time browsing the amazing flora available in this part of the Western Cape.

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We specialize in growing of mostly SA Aloes and cultivars, but also aloes from other countries such as Africa, Madagascar and the Arabian countries.

We specialize in growing of mostly SA Aloes and cultivars, but also aloes from other countries such as Africa, Madagascar and the Arabian countries.

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