Coffee shops in Swellendam

An interesting thing about the Overberg is the way it attracts people from all over the globe. Some visitors are content to enjoy a holiday either staying in one of the towns along the route or exploring a few of them. Other people choose to relocate permanently to the area. These residents simply fell in love with the atmosphere of the surroundings and decided they belong. As a result, an interesting mix of locals populates the small towns here and many of them use their entrepreneurial talents to run small businesses. Tourists find shops and cafes that are completely unique and that add something lovely to their exploration of this very special part of South Africa.

When visiting Swellendam and looking for places to eat, coffee shops and bistros can be found with ease and each of them has its own appeal. For example, you could enjoy a hot drink and slice of homemade cake in one of the oldest buildings in the country. You could even take a tea break in an art gallery surrounded by paintings and sculptures as you refuel and refresh for the rest of your day. The beauty of this welcoming little town is the way that it caters so well for visitors. In fact, it’s laid out in such a way that a pedestrian can browse for hand-crafted gifts, sample some locally-made chocolates and grab a cappuccino under the oak trees without having to go far. 

If you’re in the area and are wondering where to eat in Swellendam, you won’t have to wander too far. Local residents take much pride in their establishments and even humble coffee shops display the uncanny local understanding of peaceful vibes and pleasing aesthetics. They also provide tasty food. Menus show pies, biscuits, cakes and snacks that are generally made on the premises and usually by the owner. For the most part, this means that you can expect fresh, delicious meals that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Visitors who take a stroll through the town soon discover that it is a feast for the eyes and the stomach. It could be the fresh clean air, the general air of wellbeing in the surroundings or simply the majesty of the clouds against the mountains. Whatever it is, Swellendam gives you an appetite and also provides you with a variety of welcoming ways to indulge and satisfy it.

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Around our table people find each other; their hearts are filled with joy of a homecoming, with hope and with a dream for a better tomorrow.

Around our table people find each other; their hearts are filled with joy of a homecoming, with hope and with a dream for a better tomorrow.

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