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Don’t be surprised if you find your appetite increasing when you’re visiting the Overberg. The area provides a feast for the senses with salty ocean spray, velvety blankets of mountainside fynbos and spectacular scenery all around. Even if you’re exploring the areas further inland, you’ll be taking great gulps of country air and walking with a jaunty spring in your step. All this excitement can make you hungry but fortunately you’re in a part of the country where food and shared meals take centre stage in just about every village you pass. It’s a curious and lovely thing that people in small towns take cooking and baking very seriously. Perhaps it’s the lack of fast-food chains or maybe it’s just the slower pace of life, whatever the reason when you’re visiting here you can expect to be well fed.

If you’re in the stunning, secluded town of Villiersdorp and wondering where to eat, you’ll soon discover a selection of fantastic restaurants in and around the area. From farm stalls and coffee shops to charming bistros and eateries, you’re in comfort food country now. The town is part of the renowned Worcester Wine Route which means that if you’re up for a tasting and pairing you won’t have to look far. On the other hand, if you’re just after a light snack or a fresh slice of homemade cake, you’ll be delighted with the quality of meals you’re served. From luxurious fine dining to casual waterside establishments, you’re truly spoilt for choice.

People travelling with children are always on the lookout for the best family restaurants and in Villiersdorp you’ll find quite a few. With so much beautiful space outside many establishments cater for little ones who want to play while mom and dad catch their breath. In addition to safe surroundings for your kids, you can expect delicious, wholesome meals prepared with care and brought to you with country pride. When your bellies are full, you’ll probably find any excuse to take a long walk to digest, kick a ball around and soak up the beauty that surrounds you.

In Villiersdorp life is simple, quiet and peaceful which allows visitors and locals to spend more time focussing on the important things. Instead of beating the traffic or taking chicken out of the freezer to defrost, you can consider how to spend a lazy afternoon and what scrumptious delight to make for the evening meal.

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Kelkiewyn Cafe is a family owned restaurant situated on the outskirts of Villiersdorp in the Overberg.

Kelkiewyn Cafe is a family owned restaurant situated on the outskirts of Villiersdorp in the Overberg.

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