Valleyview Farm
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Valleyview is a small, family-run olive farm situated in the Bossieveld, just 11 km from Villiersdorp. At Valleyview Farm we believe that the future lies with small-scale, sustainable farming. We aim to work in harmony with nature, and have been applying organic and permaculture principles since taking over the farm in 2015. No pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are used in our olive and fruit orchards or our vegetable and ornamental gardens. Our chickens are truly free range and roam at will in our tranquil olive orchards. We make beautifully crafted and natural products that are hand-made with passion and care. All our products are free from artificial additives and preservatives, and are made using organic produce whenever possible. We sell table olives, olive oil and other olive-based products as well as eggs and fresh vegetables.

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