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Published: 01 April 2016
By:Glenda Kitley

The award received in London in November 2015 for the Best Responsible Tourism destination in the World has had widespread effects and elicited many favourable comments from visitors in December. We are continuing to work on this status and as the Tourism Association we have a number of things planned to take this award and what it means forward. For one thing we are working on an alternative to the plastic shopping bag and these will be available soon.

We are hosting a member-day on Monday 4 April when Rihan Berning from  Eco-Atlas will be coming to address us on easy ways to practise Responsible Tourism. If any of you would be interested in attending her talk please contact Glenda at the bureau.

Gansbaai Tourism assists members (and others) to ensure that the standard of service given is of the highest quality. For this reason we hosted a Site Guide course at the bureau during the week of the 7th of March. Scott and Julie from the Tourist Guide Institute trained 8 site guides from the Shark Cage Diving industry.

We started facilitating training of site-guides in 2005 with Andre de Waal, who was then the owner of the Tourist Guide Institute. Andre trained a number of the site guides in Gansbaai and he became a true friend of the Bureau. It is thus with deep sadness that we learnt of his passing on the 9th of March. He will be remembered with fondness and respect in Gansbaai.

Cape Whale Coast het die Beeldskou in Midrand bygewoon om die area aan die mense te bemark. Dit was 'n suksesvolle skou met meer as 500 mense wat by ons stalletjie gestop het en baie meer as dit wat brosjures gevat het. Daar was verskillende produkte wat hul kon “proe” soos Lomond Wyn, Kleinrivierkaas, Birkenheadbier en hulle het dit regtig geniet. Daar was ook 'n kompetitisie en hul het van ons produkte gewen. Goeie advertensie vir ons area!  Die volgende skou is die Getaway in Somerset Wes waar Cape Whale Coast weer teenwoordig gaan wees. Maureen Valentine and Ally Mswelli gaan Gansbaai verteenwoordig.

It doesn’t seem possible that it is a year since we won gold at the Africa World Travel market! Due to our successes in this area the Overstrand Municipality has sponsored our stand at WTM Afirca at the ICC from the 6th-8th of April. As manager I will be representing Gansbaai Tourism and all its wonderfully responsible products.

Ek wil nou ook al die vakansiegangers welkom heet. Ek vertrou dat u die tyd hier in Gansbaai gaan geniet. Daar is so baie om jul besig te hou in die area – maak gerus 'n draai by die buro en ons kan vir jul daarvan vertel.

Ons gewone kantoorure is

Maandag tot Vrydag 08h30-17h30

Saterdae 09h00-16h00 en Sondae 10h00-14h00

Vakansiedae 09h00-16h00 (dus die 21ste Maart en die 28ste Maart)

Die buro is op die 25ste Maart gesluit.

Glenda Kitley Bureau manager 0722915564

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